DeSL Sponsors ASBCI Garment Costing Technical Seminar

Association of Suppliers to the British Clothing Industry (ASBCI) Garment Costing technical seminar will focus on how technology can support the complexities of costing in today’s apparel supply chain. Speaking at the seminar is DeSL’s Co-Founder and Director, Dave Richards. He will cover the past, present, and future evolution of costing within Product Lifecycle Management software for the fashion and apparel sector. Joining Dave Richards will be other industry experts shedding insight into all areas of garment costing.

Sponsored by DeSL, this seminar will feature material from the recently published ASBCI technical booklet on Garment Costing. This booklet covers the broad mix of labor, materials, overheads costs, and logistics in the garment manufacturing industry. An in depth analysis will assist buyers, merchandisers, designers, and clothing technologists in better managing the complex factors impacting global supply chains. The goal for the seminar is to increase practical understanding for companies involved in the sourcing, pricing, and margin negotiations of products.

Date: July 3, 2019
Location: Eastwood Hall, Nottingham, UK

Sign up to attend ASBCI Garment Costing technical seminar, or to schedule a live demo click here.


About the Association of Suppliers to the British Clothing Industry

The Association of Suppliers to the British Clothing Industry (ASBCI) is a not for profit UK based organization with a membership that represents all key sectors of the clothing and textile supply chain. Formed in 1973, it is the only forum of its kind where component suppliers and fabric producers can exchange ideas and knowledge with designers, retailers and garment cleaning specialists. It operates without commercial preference and its impartial stance makes it a unique organization, within an intensely competitive industry, where members can meet, discuss issues, and share their experiences – all together, at one time, in one place.

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PLM Integrated Adobe Illustrator Plug-in

Link between Fashion PLM and Adobe IllustratorDeSL showcases the industry’s most powerful Ai Plug-in, developed for designers to integrate Adobe Illustrator seamlessly with fashion PLM.

DeSL Adobe Illustrator (Ai) Plug-in is built from the ground up to be a seamless integral two way link between the creative team and the core Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tool. The Ai Plug-in was developed with designers in mind as a bridge between Illustrator and PLM. Designers can feel comfortable working with data from PLM, creating a Bill of Materials, building tech packs, and requesting samples directly within Adobe Illustrator.

DeSL Ai Plug-in gives designers using Adobe Illustrator access to the complete color palette library, style categories, trim records, size scales, and more features within PLM. The tool allows freedom of the designers to pull data from existing PLM products or create new items saved directly into PLM, all in real time across the platform.

The Ai Plug-in works the way your team works. The tool’s ability to recognize layers and artboards in Adobe Illustrator allows your team to easily build out components for tech packs following predefined workflows and request samples directly from vendors. Ultimately, this allows your fashion brand’s creative team to work in Adobe Illustrator, while accessing the key components of PLM.

Designers can create a Bill of Materials directly from Adobe Illustrator making color way choices, adding and removing materials, determining packaging, and writing design notes. Changes are streamlined to PLM and made immediately available to the rest of your development team.


More About Adobe Illustrator Plug-In

DeSL Ai Plug-in was created to seamlessly bridge the development processes in Adobe Illustrator to PLM. To learn more, request a demo with a DeSL representative.

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DeSL Revolutionizes the Way Bortex Approaches Development

Fashion Development for Formal Men's Tailoring Brand BortexMalta’s most respected name in formal men’s tailoring, Bortex, has selected DeSL integrated solution to support the fashion brand’s fashion development and end to end processes to enable better speed to market capabilities.

DeSL is pleased to announce its partnership with Bortex Global Ltd. Founded in 1964, by a Maltese entrepreneur, Sunny Borg, Bortex is known as a high quality manufacturer of men’s tailored clothing. Bortex has expanded into a vast number of sectors in the fashion industry including manufacturing, private label production, and retail.

Bortex’s recognized its need for a single software provider to offer a solution from design to production to sales. Leadership acknowledged the growth it could continue to obtain with DeSL’s full suite of products including, PLM, CRM, PO Management, SRM, Production Control, and WMS. “It is with great pleasure that Bortex Clothing Industry Limited have finalized terms with DeSL for what promises to be a pioneering end to end software project,” stated Sam Borg, Chief Operating Officer at Bortex.

After an exhausting search of potential vendors and a grueling selection process, Sam Borg proclaims, “DeSL not only emerged as the preferred PLM partner for Bortex, but excelled in aligning themselves with our vision for an integrated solution which would cover a clothing business in manufacturing, retail, hire, wholesale, made to measure, and corporate wear.”

DeSL is confident its suite of products will bring forth future growth for Bortex as it manages all aspects of its supply chain. Sam Borg said it best for Bortex and DeSL, “we can’t wait to get the project underway!”

DeSL is revolutionizing the way Bortex approaches the design and development processes. To learn more about DeSL’s solutions and how your business can benefit, request a demo with a DeSL representative.


About Bortex

Bortex is Malta’s longest established and most respected name in formal men’s tailoring. Maltese entrepreneur Sunny Borg established the company in 1964 as a joint venture with the Dutch Van Gils group, it went from strength to strength as a high quality manufacturer of men’s suits, jackets and trousers, supplying the finest retail brands on the European market place. Over the years Bortex diversified into other product areas such as men’s shirts, accessories and sportswear. It continues to supply the best names on the European high street with private label product as well as providing its own brands or a number of international brands under license.

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Releasing Newest Module Digital Planning Boards

Mood Board Software for Fashion

Discover e-Solutions (DeSL) is set to release a new fashion module to its PLM software, Digital Planning Boards. Digital Planning Boards are a revolutionary centralized fashion mood board and line sheet tool that empowers the creative aspects of the business while harnessing financial data to make informed decisions.

Digital Planning Boards are a central hub that ties large amounts of data together in an easy to use visual tool. Meeting the needs of the design, brand management, tech design, merchandising, and sales teams. The newest enhancement offers a more versatile planning platform to create mood boards, analyze financial merchandising plans, and manage live line sheets.

Designers can start the design phase by developing digital fashion mood boards with real time editing access, customized layers, and accurate color capabilities. Their line sheets will never become outdated. Edits and changes to color, patterns, and images are made instantly.

Digital Planning Boards also empowers brand managers and merchandisers to streamline seasonal line development. Visually arrange and segment collections by categories such as delivery window, style, fabric, and color. Financial teams can analyze the merch plans by reviewing and receiving instant margin status tracking with the module’s live connection to backend financials.


More About Digital Planning Boards

DeSL’s Digital Planning Boards are revolutionizing the fashion industry’s approach to the design and development process. To learn more about this fashion software and its powerful capabilities and line sheet features, request a demo with a DeSL representative.

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Highlighting 3D Capabilities

Visualize Products with 3D Fashion SoftwareToday’s powerful 3D imaging leaves no question that it is the most efficient way of digitally viewing product designs. But, is your company maximizing the value from your 3D fashion software?

DeSL has the ability to import and work with 3D generated images directly within PLM.

Add 3D Files to Your Tech Packs

DeSL knows the importance of a thorough tech pack and designers can agree, the more detailed a tech pack, the less room for error. By having a 3D viewer within PLM, each product can have a 3D tech pack. Designers have the ability to manipulate images by zooming in and out to gain a better view of the style. Comments can be made directly on a specific, highlighted part of the 3D file. 3D images can be used as sample reviews during meetings, giving teams a clear, realistic representation of the garment. This process leads to less back and forth with manufactures, resulting in faster products to market.

Agnostic to 3D Software

Not all designers or tech designers work with the same 3D software. If your brand has embraced one or more 3D tools, DeSL PLM can integrate files from each. DeSL takes an agnostic approach, ensuring each company can use its preferred software. Brands have the ability to bring in multiple 3D files into one PLM system. DeSL’s agnostic approach helps designers and tech designers settle the debate of which 3D tool works best.

Build a Bill of Materials

Generate your bill of materials (BOM) using the 3D files provided by your designer. 3D functionality in DeSL PLM offers the ability to view garments in 3D, add comments, and change materials and color. Garment edits in 3D can link directly to the BOM and costing. Using 3D within PLM synchronizes data while optimizing workflow.

DeSL will be showcasing PLM 3D fashion software functionality at National Retailer Federation (NRF) at Booth #805 in New York City, New York, January 13-15, 2019.


About NRF

National Retail Federation (NRF) is the world’s largest retail trade association, representing discount and department stores, home goods and specialty stores, grocers, wholesalers, and internet retailers from around the world. The NRF’s 108th annual Convention & EXPO (Retail Big Show 2019) is held January 13-15, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. This year’s event anticipates 36,500 industry professionals representing 3,793 retail companies. The multi level conference is focused on how businesses of any size can make a lasting impact on the consumer.

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DeSL Brings PLM and Color Solutions to ReMode and NRF

DeSL is set to exhibit at two upcoming fashion trade show events in the United States, ReMode and National Retailer Federation (NRF). In exhibiting at each event, DeSL aims to inform and educate attendees on the benefits of PLM and Color Lifecycle Management in the supply chain.

ReMode is tagged as the premier event for disruptive and sustainable fashion. The theme throughout the conference is sustainability and innovation in the fashion industry. ReMode has over 150 confirmed speakers with a wide range of expertise. The speakers are made up of CEOs and senior executives from retailers, fashion brands, investors, and sustainability experts. DeSL will join other innovators at ReMode in an effort to increase sustainability through software. ReMode’s inaugural event is scheduled for November 13-14, at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles. DeSL will be at Booth 207.

NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show is the nation’s largest retail conference, with the anticipation of over 36 thousand attendees. The multi level conference is focused on how businesses of any size can make a lasting impact on the consumer. DeSL made the decision to exhibit in order to meet with current and future clients, conduct demos, and network. NRF is held January 13-15, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. DeSL will be at Booth 805.


Book an Appointment

DeSL offers appointment sign ups for each upcoming fashion trade show. Appointments allow current and future clients to meet with DeSL representatives to schedule a live demo or discuss future implementations. To schedule an appointment with DeSL representatives, click here. Let’s talk PLM and the fashion industry.

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DeSL Expands San Francisco Office…Again!

DeSL is set to expand its San Francisco office in October to allow for a growing marketing department.

DeSL Expands San Francisco Software Office

Discover e-Solutions Ltd. (DeSL) is the leading provider of Product Lifecycle Management software and Color Lifecycle Management solutions for the retail, fashion, apparel, and footwear sectors.

DeSL makes plans to expand its San Francisco location for the second time in one year. DeSL will be effectively relocated on October 1, 2018. The more accommodating office will be one block away from the previous office due to the quintessential location in Petaluma, California.

The move stems from DeSL’s steady growth in the last year. Efforts to strengthen the marketing department brought forth new hires requiring more space in the office. DeSL is confident the new marketing department will positively impact external growth.

“The decision to expand our presence in the San Francisco area was a logical step in our strategy,” Julian Mussi, Vice President of Business Solutions for DeSL stated. “Along with the ability to service our current and future clients, the San Francisco area is rich with talent providing the opportunity to further expand staffing and capabilities in our software engineering, professional services, and customer support departments.”

DeSL’s other locations include the corporate headquarters in Cardiff, United Kingdom and New York City, New York.


Learn More About DeSL

DeSL is a market leader in digital transformation solutions for the retail, fashion, apparel, and footwear sectors. To learn more about DeSL’s software solutions, request a demo with a DeSL representative.

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Supporting Apparel Manufacturing Industry with AAPN Membership

AAPN apparel manufacturing industryDiscover e-Solutions Ltd. (DeSL) is excited to announce its recent membership to Americas Apparel Producers’ Network (AAPN).

The AAPN promotes doing business in the USA and the Americas as a more flexible, faster, safer sourcing model. Their philosophy is a simple one: conducting business with American manufacturers better aligns with today’s “fickle, hyper connected, want it my way consumer.”

AAPN believes that doing business in the USA and the Americas is easier, faster, safer, and just plain better. Sure, if you want to source huge quantities; and you know what will sell way in advance, and you are not worried about flexibility, and you just want cheap; then there are plenty of mega factories in the world that will take your orders. But if you are looking for a more flexible sourcing model, one that better aligns with today’s fickle, hyper connected, want it my way consumer, then you need to look to the Americas. AAPN is one of the best brands in the apparel manufacturing industry.

If your brand is similar to AAPN, and/or wants to partner with DeSL, go to DeSL’s Partner Program.


About AAPN

An international business network for the textile/apparel supply chain. Organized in 1981, AAPN is a private sector, non profit, members only, #1 apparel industry business network of over 600 company owners and senior executives from nearly 200 organizations across the supply chain organized industrially worldwide to produce apparel for the US market from North America, Mexico, Caribbean, Central America, South America, Europe, North Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Asia, and China from our headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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DeSL Brings Understanding of Color to the Forefront of PI Apparel Hong Kong

Digital Color Management at PI ApparelDiscover e-Solutions Ltd. (DeSL) is excited to announce that delegates at PI Apparel Hong Kong will have the opportunity to explore digital color management and the complexities of color.

Julian Mussi, Vice President Business Solutions for DeSL and color expert, will explain how brands and retailers can enhance communication across their current tool set, improve collaboration throughout their supply chain, and increase speed to market focus and abilities in his presentation, “Don’t let Color become an Inhibitor to Innovation: A global view of your color technology footprint,” on Tuesday, April 10 at 12:30 pm at the apparel industry conference in Hong Kong.

“Despite technological advances, your software tools each see color in a different way, impeding your time to market. How can you make these solutions speak the same color language? To provide you with a holistic view of color, we will review the challenges you face with digital color management and production, uncover how to leverage technology to gain speed in the development cycle, and then outline how to better support your current business ‘As Is’ state,” states Mussi.

Read more about our Color Lifecycle Management™.


About PI Apparel

PI’s mission is to inspire manufacturers, exposing them to new ideas, game changing innovation, and improved methodologies. Every year PI helps thousands of companies learn and work together to improve their businesses and change the World.

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