Purchase Order Management for Fashion and Apparel

Apparel Sourcing SoftwareDynamic Purchasing Platform provides purchase order management, full sourcing, purchasing, and procurement capabilities for the retail, fashion, apparel, and footwear industries from initial requisition through to delivery. Gain visibility of PO progress, centralize vendor communication, and tighten integration with product specifications.

This module delivers a complete end to end tool for managing suppliers and covers all activities in the procurement processes. The cloud based platform gives users access to a real time, web based overview of the supply chain incorporating suppliers, vendors, and mills.

DeSL’s Dynamic Purchasing Platform will enable the further expansion of digital transformation by fashion companies globally and the innovative platform will deliver improvements to any size of company.

The solution provides real time control of product costs, quality, and delivery schedules with an intelligent critical path engine capable of predicting supply chain issues before they become real problems. Collaboration with vendors is a key deliverable, with digital purchase orders available to all parties to review/amend/authorize at agreed stages in the procurement cycle. Brands are able to spot potential issues and take remedial actions and manufacturers are confident that purchase orders are robust and accurate and tied back to agreed costs and tech packs.

The solution will reduce the resources needed to create and manage purchase orders, increase productivity, and ultimately increase product margins.

Key Features

Critical Path Management

Track agreed activities in the procurement cycle which extends through to logistics and delivery via the intelligent workflow engine and includes dynamic duration management based on vendor location, product complexity, and shipment methods.

Samples Management

Real time remote assessment of product samples which link back to initial product development stages.

Quality Management

Real time and remote assessment of product quality at all stages of production including TOP samples and pre-shipment samples via user defined quality check points.

Delivery Management

Flexibility to prioritize deliveries including part shipments, split shipments, logistics integration, and multiple delivery methods.

Logistics Integration

Integrate with 3PL’s and manage shipments and containers.


Supports multiple types of order from simple single drop orders to multi location, multi schedule orders, and direct deliveries. User defined authorisations tied back to forecasts and spending limits ensure that order are easily and safely created and managed.


Track predicted verse actual costs to highlight variances and ensure that deliveries match vendor invoices.

End to End Management

Tightly coupled with product forecasts in terms of costs, quantities, and deliveries, the solution delivers brands and retailers full control over their key product procurement and financial commitments.

Accounting Tools

Full visibility of buying budgets, cash flows, and planned costs.

Vendor Portal

Real time communication tool with vendors and mills.

Open Integration

Integration to existing ERP systems, logistic providers, and manufacturing equipment.


Workflow bases automatic PO creation based on accurate planning data.

Learn More About DeSL’s Purchase Order Management for Fashion and Apparel

DeSL is a market leader in digital transformation solutions and purchase order management for the retail, fashion, apparel, and footwear sectors. Dynamic Purchasing Platform joins DeSL’s other software modules covering all key business processes starting at product concept and reaching through to final sale and delivery. To learn more about DeSL’s PO management software, request a demo with a DeSL representative.