Best of Breed PLM Software for Fashion, Retail, Apparel, Clothing, and Footwear

PLM for Fashion - Product Lifecycle Management software solutionDeSL’s PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software is the fashion industry’s most collaborative and versatile software. Designed from the ground up to meet specific demands of the retail, fashion, apparel, and footwear sectors. The end to end fashion PLM solution delivers a true web based, real time, collaborative network specifically aimed at reducing development timelines and increasing quality.

Key Areas that the PLM Software Addresses:

Line Planning

Financial and operational planning, generate placeholders for styles, fabrics and trims, manage progress and assign resources.

Adobe Illustrator Plug-in

Unique real time bidirectional integration to enable full product and tech pack management plus automatic image creation and assignment.

Digital Planning Boards

Visually display your product range as you want, by slicing and dicing your product range to spot gaps instantly from the early planning stage to the final development of the product.

3D Support

Visualise your apparel samples in 3D within fashion PLM before they leave the factory.


Web based for customer review and approval, integrate fashion PLM to Illustrator and MS Publisher.

Product Definition

Build a library of ranges, finished products, fabrics, trims, labels, images, etc

Product Approvals

Any product types e.g. finished product samples, fabrics, trims etc. covering all processes such as concept fits, seals, lab dips etc. combined with real time supplier/customer notifications and tracking of progress.

Tech Packs/Product Specifications

User defined specification content, version and change control, online real time updates, design and technical specifications, grade rules, and required components, etc.

Request for Development

Any product types with multiple suppliers, e.g. finished products, fabrics, trims etc. combined with links to product specifications, real time supplier updates and critical path and workflow management.


Integrated to product specifications, user defined cost elements, landed cost calculations, margin modelling and what if analysis.

Fast Product Management

A configurable, grid like view allowing users to work from a single screen on a full collection of fashion products.

Collaborative Forums

Real time online discussions with suppliers about key design and development activities delivering full accountability and traceability.

Sample Management

Fast and effective way to produce and manage sample requests including the attachment of sketches, photographs, summary specifications, etc. combined with real time supplier notification and critical path tracking.

Document Management

Linked to key entities such as products, suppliers and customers with multiple security levels, version control, check in/out and document approval/rejection process.

Supplier Self Service

Enable suppliers to sign on to see their time and action calendars, sample and development requests, process quotations, update their profiles and view or upload documents.

Supplier Cost Quotations

Quotes for finished goods, fabrics, trims etc. linked to product specifications along with user defined cost templates and full approval/rejection cycle.

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DeSL is a market leader in digital transformation solutions for the retail, fashion, apparel, and footwear sectors. To learn more about DeSL’s PLM for fashion, request a demo with a DeSL representative.