Leading PIM Solution Powering Apparel & Fashion

DeSL’s Product Information Management (PIM) software is the industry leading PIM solution for apparel, fashion, retail, and footwear sectors. With its wealth of expertise and industry knowledge, DeSL’s PIM is the single source of truth to centralize, enrich and distribute product data.

Efficiently collaborate, scale for growth, and output channel specific sales and marketing data. With centralized digital asset management, including vendor management, internal and external team members can collaborate more efficiently. Changes can be made once, and are automatically populated throughout the rest of the system. Whether you are implementing a new PIM or replacing an existing aging system, DeSL’s PIM solution delivers must have features to centralize and manage your product data.

Core PIM Apparel Functionality

PIM apparel software gathers data


Centralized repository to collect and store critical product data and images from various sources.

PIM Organize product information


Single source of truth to consolidate and collaborate on apparel product information.

PIM Connect and deploy to sales channels


Distribute channel specific sales/marketing data. Ecommerce, social media, and catalogue management.

Streamline Product Data

Digital Asset Management

Eliminate data silos. Organize and manage all product data in a single centralized location. No longer be separated from the data you need to make informed decisions.

Improve Customer Experience

Make it easier and quicker to access information. Reduce product returns and complaints by giving customers consistent access to detailed product information. Accurate data empowers representatives to serve customers better. Harness data driven analytics and intelligence for sales and marketing teams.

Data Enrichment

Save time and maintain quality. Automate repetitive data entry. Retrieve product data faster and update product information. High quality product data contributes to more consistent production quality.

Flexible System Integration

Strategic vendor management. Import product data from multiple sources or systems. Distribute complete and consistent data across sales channels. Integrate with 3rd party ecommerce solutions with automatic or trigger activated integration.

Feature Highlights

PIM Apparel Features

  • Flexible workflow and approval management
  • Permission based user roles
  • Multilingual support
  • Bulk image upload
  • Digital asset management; Images, video, graphics, and files
  • Powerful image control
  • Tag control
  • View data by channel and categories
  • API to streamline data import from excel, ERP, PLM or other tools
  • Multichannel export
  • KPI reporting
  • Version tracking

Take Control of Your Product Data with DeSL’s PIM Apparel & Fashion Software

DeSL is a market leader in digital transformation and supply chain solutions for the apparel, fashion, retail, and footwear sectors. We invite you to learn more about DeSL’s Product Information Management (PIM) software technology by scheduling a live demo.