DeSL’s Sustainability Accelerator Programme is a curated set of tools and systems to jump start businesses and propel their sustainability initiatives forward. This comprehensive set of tools provides end-to-end coverage of supply chains and is open to any company dedicated to improving and adapting their processes with sustainability in mind.

“It’s clear that the businesses poised to thrive are those that are
doubling down on innovation designed to minimise environmental impact“

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Components of the Programme

DeSL’s Sustainability Accelerator Programme delivers industry leading functionality as a scalable solution across the complete supply chain.

  • Digital Tech Packs
  • Digital Purchase Orders
  • Digital Colour Standards
  • Extensive Libraries of Data
  • Development Requests for Styles & Materials
  • Cost Quotations
  • Critical Paths
  • Automatic Notifications / Alerts
  • Multi-Tier Supply Chain Management
  • Central Repository for ESG Data & Certifications
  • Quality Metrics / Standards
  • Inspection & Audit Monitoring

Programme Benefits

There is a direct link between growth, efficiency, and sustainability.

  • Reduce Carbon Emissions – Digital Color Approvals & Carbon Calculator
  • Cut Waste – Digital 3D Samples
  • Build Trust – Traceability
  • Reliable Data with Higg Integration – Informed Sourcing Decisions
  • Source Sustainability – Vendor Compliance

Accelerator Team

Since 2002, DeSL has been developing business critical solutions for retail, fashion and apparel brands across the globe. Our experienced sales and implementation teams, consisting of industry veterans, work with clients to effectively identify and deliver sustainability solutions based on individual business needs.

Get Started

DeSL recognizes the necessity for improvement within the retail, fashion, apparel, and footwear industries and is dedicated to delivering the features and tools to support sustainability initiatives. This is why we are constantly innovating solutions to make the largest impact for our customers. Learn how DeSL’s Sustainability Accelerator Programme can improve communication, increase quality, reduce waste, and speed up workflow. For more information or to participate, complete the form below. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and give guidance on getting started.