Announcing Digital Transformation Packages for Small-Medium Businesses

DeSL launches the first cloud-based ‘end-to-end’ Digital Transformation package specifically designed for growing SMBs

Discover e-Solutions (DeSL) launches the first cloud-based ‘end-to-end’ Digital Transformation package specifically designed for growing SMBs.

To survive and thrive in a post COVID-19 era, the fashion sector must drop its reliance on outdated software and manual processes to move rapidly into total Digital Transformation. To meet these requirements, fashion companies must embrace the new opportunities and perform a paradigm shift to go digital from end-to-end. Processes at every step in the supply chain eco-system will be affected in more ways than traditional fashion PLM solutions can manage. Digital workflows that are standardized and automated will enable companies to increase speed and improve efficiencies.

The solution is available in a number of editions each designed to address specific key areas in the overall process:

  • Essentials edition includes PLM, PO Management Ai plug-in & 3D Integration
  • Advanced includes Standard Edition plus Sales/Marketing Management OR Digital Color Approvals
  • Premium includes Standard Edition plus Sales/Marketing Management AND Digital Color Approvals

A number of financial options are available to SMBs to help reduce the impact of prohibitive up-front costs. One option is fast track, remote implementation and setup costs being included in the monthly per user price and spread over the contract term.

Once true Digital Transformation has been achieved, companies can implement these digital processes and apply them to new markets, opportunities, products, differing customer requirements, and easily appoint and work with new vendors/factories with no disruption. SMBs can now take advantage of the technology traditionally not available to companies of their size through DeSL’s cost effective hosted solution and move to a totally digital future. DeSL is committed to supporting grass roots fashion and apparel companies and believes that if SMBs are to have the best chance of survival and unhindered growth, the starting point should be laying down the foundations of a solid Digital Transformation platform from the outset. To learn more about DeSL’s Digital Transformation for SMBs, request a demo with a DeSL representative.

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ModCloth Partners with DeSL

ModCloth Partners with DeSL for a Complex, Quick, and Completely Remote Implementation


ModCloth takes its next steps towards supply chain transparency with DeSL’s PLM software. Founded in 2002, ModCloth has raised fashion industry standards through size inclusion, anti-photoshopping policies, and female leadership. As ModCloth continues to grow due to its freestanding and new independent ownership, it realized the importance of streamlining the supply chain.

The recently independent company required a flexible, powerful software that can be implemented quickly, in order to replace their current outdated program. When assessing ModCloth’s pain points, DeSL found the overall need for supply chain end-to-end visibility, along with 3D capabilities.

Chris Schreiber, Chief Operating Officer of ModCloth explains, “We chose DeSL due to 1) end-to-end visibility, integrating all functions for robust decisions, 2) flexibility in terms of current and future processes (such as 3D), 3) simplicity of configuration in order to implement and pivot quickly.” She goes on to mention, “The product development process can be cumbersome, but the tools to support it don’t have to be; and in this case, the DeSL PLM tool will definitely reduce complexity.”

Despite the obstacles presented by COVID-19, DeSL and the ModCloth team has worked hard to handle all business processes remotely. DeSL is beyond delighted to begin this partnership with ModCloth. The quick, remote implementation will provide a strong foundation for DeSL and both parties are looking forward to the future of PLM.




About ModCloth (

At ModCloth, we make getting dressed fun. Back to being independently owned, we’re all about perfect fits for every body. Unique, mood-boosting prints. Vintage-inspired, versatile styles that make you look good, but more importantly, feel good. Find your joy at ModCloth.

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Improving enterprise critical paths with remote PLM implementation

DeSL offers remote implementation for all brands globally due to COVID-19. Ultimately saving time, travel fees, and abiding by safety precautions.


As employers continue to respond and navigate global lockdowns due to COVID-19, offices are closed and staff are acclimating to working from home. Planned technology projects don’t need to face postponement during these times. Remote implementation can allow organizations to efficiently move forward, even with team leaders working from their homes.

The DeSL team has successfully completed implementation projects remotely without a significant difference from the traditional onsite process. DeSL can securely connect while communicating with critical project leaders because it is cloud-based and remotely accessible. Scheduling important team meetings are often easier to arrange since they no longer must take place in person, and video conferencing provides many of the benefits that traditional face-to-face interactions offer. A remote implementation is also a perfect choice for companies with high security or strict on-site policies.

The move to virtual meetings and remote software connections will generate savings for the project by eliminating normal travel expenses.

DeSL draws on its industry experienced team and expansive global projects to provide a streamlined and efficient implementation process. DeSL’s goal is to get companies seeing results quickly, while being fully supported. To learn more click here to request a demo with a DeSL representative.

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DeSL Launches New Creative Sales Platform

Announcing DeSL’s Creative Sales Platform developed as the digital infrastructure to connect customers and global sales teams in real-time, ultimately shortening the overall order processing cycle and reducing the need for physical samples. Creative Sales Platform is part of the Made for You series of specialized, standalone, or fully integrated modules.

Teams around the globe can collaborate on collections using the online platform regardless of their physical location. Full drag and drop functionality is available to create collections for specific customers, by region, or sales channel. The platform is an online replacement for hard copy collections, line books, and catalogs. Gain exposure to all required key digital assets, including 3D product models and core sales images. Compile financial data for planning and analysis, while viewing sales forecasts and actuals. Benefit from flexible price and discount editing with multi-currency settings. Workflow is based on integration to an existing ERP solution, DeSL ERP or other.

Creative Sales Platform organizes product sales and marketing messages in one central hub. View real-time customer ratings and feedback, while easily identifying the “winners” and “losers” in a collection. Robust sales analytics offer data for making more informed selling decisions. Brands can view online order confirmations and estimated delivery windows to communicate back to customers. Creative Sales Platform can be used in conjunction with DeSL’s other modules to deliver the ability for purchase order creation to satisfy the demand of customer sales orders.

Creative Sales Platform joins DeSL’s other Made for You series of modules covering all key business processes starting at product concept and reaching through to final sale and delivery. To learn more about the Creative Sales Platform and other Made for You modules, click here to request a demo with a DeSL representative.

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Unite material management and digital color approvals

We all know that color is a very important part of the decision making process made by consumers when selecting fashion products. Why leave the selection and approval of product colors open to human error, when it can be a key part of a holistic digital transformation process?

DeSL is the only company with a full raw materials development and management solution with scientific color management and integrated to the widest range of color measurement devices and digital/sublimation printers. The solution not only covers all aspects of raw materials management such as full physical, chemical, and compliance testing, but also uniquely extends into scientific color evaluations. All aspects of the material development processes are managed in a cloud-based solution which unifies the entire supply chain, from initial development right through to final production.

Reduce need for physical samples

The system delivers real-time, digital lab dip/strike-off requests to mills and partners. This will include full scientific color requirements to enable online digital color approvals and vastly reduce the number of physical samples required. All relevant parties can access this key data and enable the real-time quality assurance to ensure that the colors delivered are those that were requested.

This is a huge opportunity to vastly reduce the costs of color and slash the timescales currently taken to approve product color across all vendors, irrespective of location. All key events are measured to enable the creation of KPI’s and the solution’s intelligence even delivers the ability to advise which colors will work on which substrates with which vendors.

All aspects of raw materials development and production are now available on a real-time cloud-based solution which will deliver the ultimate goal of Material Digital Approvals.

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DeSL Brings Digital Transformation Solutions to NRF

DeSL is set to exhibit at National Retail Federation (NRF) on January 12-14 in New York City, NY. At this event, DeSL will be showcasing its newest suite of software solutions, Made for You.

Made for You is a series of specialized standalone, or fully integrated modules, aligning with today’s digital transformation business strategy. These modules are created for all stages of the supply chain and prioritize key processes in the business.

A few featured Made for You modules are,

  • Digital Planning Boards – a revolutionary centralized tool to empower the creative aspects of the brand, while harnessing financial data to make informed decisions.
  • Total Quality Management – a specialized real-time solution enabling companies to ensure products are made to specification and supplied from vendors operating to highest levels of social compliance and ethical trading levels.
  • Dynamic Purchasing Platform – delivers a complete end-to-end tool for managing suppliers and covers all procurement processes.
  • Creative Sales Platform – an integral component of global sales team’s digital infrastructure to deliver key functions, shortening the overall order processing cycle and reduce the need for physical samples.

DeSL knows one-size-fits-all isn’t a realistic approach to running a business, that is why Made for You was created to accommodate the demands of businesses of all sizes, SMB to enterprise. Furthermore, every module seamlessly integrates into DeSL’s solutions or existing third-party software.

DeSL offers appointment sign-ups for the upcoming show. Appointments allow NRF attendees to meet with DeSL representatives to schedule a live demo or discuss tailored software solutions. Click here to schedule an appointment with DeSL representatives.


About NRF (

National Retail Federation (NRF) is the world’s largest retail trade association, representing discount and department stores, home goods and specialty stores, grocers, wholesalers, and internet retailers from around the world. The NRF’s 109th annual Convention & EXPO (Retail Big Show 2020). This year’s event anticipates 38,000 industry professionals representing over 16,000 retail companies.

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Dramatically Improve Products with Total Quality Management

Discover e-Solutions Ltd. (DeSL) is the leading provider of end-to-end software solutions for the fashion, apparel, textile, and footwear sectors.

Announcing Total Quality Management, DeSL’s latest software innovation providing powerful tools to accurately oversee and maintain the highest levels of quality and standards for fashion manufacturers. Total Quality Management is part of the Made for You series of specialized, standalone, or fully integrated modules.

Total Quality Management is a cloud-based solution enabling companies to ensure that products, when delivered, are of the required quality levels, made to specification, and supplied from vendors operating at the highest levels of social compliance and ethical trading levels. The module replaces the plethora of disparate documents and manual processes with a specialized online real-time resource improving efficiency, product quality, and accelerating time to market.

Multi-tiered vendor compliance management with seamless critical path management offers quality control for samples through to full scale production. Powerful features include flexible testing with user defined criteria and methods with integration to in-house or third-party testing facilities. Maintain accuracy with Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) and full auditing functions, corrective action management, and predictive analytics with artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning. Build automatic or manual inspection schedules, run risk and carbon footprint analysis, along with monitoring vendor KPIs. Integrates to spectrophotometer instruments for rigorous color control.

Total Quality Management joins DeSL’s other Made for You series of modules covering all key business processes starting at product concept and reaching through to final sale and delivery. To learn more about Total Quality Management and other Made for You modules, or request a demo with a DeSL representative.

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Digital Color Approvals are an easy step in the Digital Transformation Process

Discover e-Solutions Ltd. (DeSL) is pleased to announce the release of the latest module in the company’s suite of software applications designed to enable brands, mills and factories to readily embrace and deploy end to end digital transformation.

The traditional approach to color management has become outdated, open to error and time and money consuming. As brands strive towards complete digital transformation of the supply chain, color management is often forgotten, or misinterpreted.

DeSL’s software solution, created to communicate color requirements at a scientific and digital level throughout the enterprise, enables companies to completely digitalize the previous manual processes which were reliant on a plethora of physical samples which were evaluated via human eye. It is now possible for brands and mills to approve lab dips and strike off’s in real time over the Cloud without the need for physical samples to be sent.

The solution integrates with a range of equipment such as spectrophotometers, digital fabric printers and sublimation printers to shorten production timelines and ensure that quality of color/print is consistent from initial definition right through to final production, irrespective of physical location.

Getting color wrong can lead to increased returns and markdowns. By digitizing color into the supply chain, brands are ensuring consistent color through controlled and scientific methods involving all parties in the process.

To continue the conversation, DeSL’s Julian Mussi, Vice President of Business Solutions, is speaking about the Holistic Approach to Color Management of Digitally Printed Textiles at AATCC/SGIA Digital Textile Printing Conference 4.0 on December 11.

To learn more about the CLM and DeSL’s other software solutions, request a demo with a DeSL representative.

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Where are you with Digital Transformation?

Adapt Your Business Initiatives

Digital Transformation is the process of leveraging the deployment of new digital technologies and the integration of mission-critical data to fundamentally change how organizations operate. No journey is the same for any two companies and choosing the appropriate software is vital. That is why DeSL created Made for You, a flexible, stand-alone or integrated, suite of software modules allowing for individually tailored solutions created for your complete business needs. All part of PLM for the Fashion Industry.

Through a cloud-based ecosystem and data-driven insights from Digital Transformation, DeSL’s solutions enable companies to quickly adapt business strategies for immediate improvements across all processes. Through adoption, gain access to key metrics and the ability to boost productivity, reduce operating costs, greater team collaboration, improve efficiency, and increase agility and innovation. The time to embrace technology will always be the present. Taking the leap towards Digital Transformation begins with the proper technology.

Click to schedule a demo to discuss how we can improve your business with digital transformation.

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Dynamic Purchasing Platform for Supply Chain Digital Transformation

Introducing DeSL’s Dynamic Purchasing Platform designed to provide fashion companies of any size the tools to more effectively manage and control purchases of products from initial requisition through to delivery. Dynamic Purchasing Platform is part of the Made for You series of specialized, standalone, or fully integrated modules.

Despite buying merchandise being the largest expense in most organizations, many brands in the fashion sector still control purchasing with outdated ERP software or manually created spreadsheets. These antiquated methods provide little to no visibility of PO progress, with a total reliance on emails to communicate with vendors, and no integration to product specifications or agreed costing processes.

DeSL’s Digital Purchase Order enables the further expansion of digital transformation by fashion companies globally. With real-time workflow driven integration to existing ERP systems and logistic providers, Dynamic Purchasing Platform offers powerful functions including progress tracking, centralized communication, tightly coupled product specifications and full visibility to buying budgets, cash flow projections, and planned costs.

Dynamic Purchasing Platform module delivers a complete end-to-end tool for managing suppliers and covers all activities in the procurement processes. The cloud-based platform gives users access to a real-time, web-based overview of the supply chain incorporating suppliers, vendors, and mills.

Dynamic Purchasing Platform joins DeSL’s other Made for You series of modules covering all key business processes starting at product concept and reaching through to final sale and delivery. To learn more about the Dynamic Purchasing Platform and other Made for You modules, or request a demo with a DeSL representative.

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