Apparel Software and Digital Transformation

DeSL delivers Digital Transformation solutions including integrated end to end PLM software for the retail, fashion, apparel, and footwear sectors. Headquartered in Cardiff, Wales, with locations in New York, NY, San Francisco, CA, and Istanbul, Turkey, DeSL has been developing business critical solutions since 2002. The experienced sales and implementation teams, consisting of industry veterans, are equipped to effectively identify and deliver solutions based on individual business needs. With clients around the globe, DeSL has completed implementations worldwide including the following locations: Sri Lanka, China, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, UK, Vietnam, Cambodia, Morocco, Bangladesh, Western Europe, USA, and Scandinavia.

Apparel Software development office in Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff, Wales

New York PLM company

New York, NY

Apparel Software Office in San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

End to End Digital Transformation

Enabling companies to transform their business processes into a digital ecosystem reaching deep into the supply chain

Fashion First

Software solutions developed by industry experts specifically for the retail, fashion, apparel, and footwear sectors

Unique Workflow

DeSL delivers a flexible workflow enabling brands to closely monitor critical processes in every individual organization

Modular Software

Flexibility to scale from SMB to the largest enterprise with standalone or fully integrated modular apparel software

Industry Leading PLM Apparel Software

DeSL’s software is 100% web based and developed using Microsoft.Net. Users can access the software using any Internet connection either in the office, at home, from mobile devices, or even when traveling. DeSL’s core database is Microsoft SQL Server, which is scalable from SMB to the largest enterprise level implementation with tens, hundreds, or thousands of simultaneous users. DeSL apparel software includes cross platform desktop clients, mobile applications, and supports all modern web browsers.

DeSL also offers a true multi tiered architecture, enabling the installation of solutions on single or multiple servers to give the assurance of true scalability and the ability to distribute processing power. Newly developed technology operates in a true service oriented architecture manner to enable users to connect to third parties, customers, suppliers, partners, and use external services such as credit card processing via XML Web Services. DeSL can host a customized software platform to operate an on demand solution through our software as a service (SaaS) model.


Supporting Sustainability

DeSL recognizes the responsibility that fashion and apparel brands face today and is dedicated to delivering the features and tools to support sustainability initiatives. From carbon emission management, compliance tracking, to virtual sampling, DeSL’s PLM systems are ready. With an extensive technological toolkit, brands can be better equipped to measure their environmental and social impact and deliver more sustainable products.


Implementation Services

When purchasing PLM apparel software solutions from DeSL, clients are not only getting the best software for their sector, but are matched with experts who understand the specific needs of the industry. The implementation team works with clients to formulate the best approach for each project by defining requirements from all parties and manage the entire process through completion, followed up by in depth training. DeSL’s support team is always available for needed assistance after launch.

DeSL’s robust remote implementation experience and capabilities allow us to fully deploy our software systems virtually. Communication with critical project leaders can be carried out remotely and securely. Scheduling important team meetings are often easier to arrange and video conferencing provides many of the benefits that face to face interactions traditionally offer. A remote implementation is also a perfect choice for companies with high security or strict on site policies.

Referral Program

Enjoy financial rewards for delivering business opportunities to DeSL.

Partner Program

Improve your business opportunities by gaining access to the latest technology solutions.

Career Opportunities

DeSL focuses on developing PLM software to improve and optimize processes for the retail, fashion, apparel, and footwear sectors. Occasionally we have job openings, and are committed to growing a skilled and collaborative team. Opportunities include sales and marketing, business consultants, and technical development. All applicants must bring a positive, fun attitude to the team environment. If you wish to be part of the team, please send us a copy of your C.V. for consideration. Email