September 12, 2019

Weartek Streamlines Workflow with DeSL PLM

by DeSL in News

Weartek streamlines with workwear software

DeSL is pleased to announce its Small-Medium Business (SMB) Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) partnership with Weartek PTY Ltd. Founded in 2016, Weartek works closely with clients to create high quality, customizable, industry specific uniforms and apparel. With heavy focus on practical design and customization, Weartek needed a workflow software solution to optimize each step of the process.

PLM isn’t just for large corporations, this is why DeSL created a subscription based SMB PLM. DeSL recognizes the success SMBs could obtain with a cloud based PLM to track and manage the supply chain. The web based communication hub eliminates excel and email, gives teams complete access to all product and sourcing information, and allows for easy collaboration with vendors.

“At Weartek, we pride ourselves on our ability to innovate performance workwear and have invested a great deal of time and energy into collaborating with a supply chain that echoes our vision. However, as a small business, managing the demands of the marketplace, frequently changing industries and a global supply chain can be quite a juggle,” explains Nick Pearce, Director of Weartek. “We’re excited to be working with DeSL’s SMB PLM to streamline our workflows so that our resources can be better spent designing and innovating exciting new products and materials. By utilizing DeSL’s cloud based software, we’re able to access everything we need to continue to scale our business, from anywhere in the world.”

DeSL embraces partnerships with SMB clients by providing a scalable PLM solution to support rapid growth for companies such as Weartek, giving SMBs confidence to expand without outgrowing the PLM’s capabilities. Weartek can add additional features when needed to maintain complete control over its entire supply chain.

To learn more about DeSL’s solutions, request a demo with a DeSL representative.


About Weartek

Weartek is recognized and trusted as the company of choice for customized performance workwear across the mining, oil and gas, firefighting, and emergency services industries. As a full service Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Weartek focuses on a practical, design led approach that delivers a fully customizable, industry specific solution to uniform and apparel. Weartek is committed to designing and delivering solutions that deliver premium quality and safety to the workforce. Building upon industry standards, Weartek conducts extensive research and development activities to uncover superior solutions to safety needs across all high performance industries. With personnel safety in mind, all products are specially designed to withstand harsh conditions and are consistently tested for durability and longevity.