Combined Power of PLM & PO Management

DeSL’s best of breed PLM and PO Management solutions are combined into a single innovative platform to deliver full control of products from initial concept to final delivery. The solution is cloud based and designed to digitalize all core processes in the development and procurement cycles. Speed to market, vendor collaboration, product costing, quality and sustainability, are all core pillars of the solution.

Out of the box, pre-configured software and proven processes facilitate a swift and easy implementation.


PLM & Purchase Order Management offers a real time, collaborative network to enable manufactures and brands/retailers to:

  • Reduce timelines
  • Ensure product quality standards are adhered to
  • Work to agreed products costs and specifications
  • Minimize resource requirements
  • Ensure agreed deliveries are achieved

End-to-End for the Fashion Industry


Digitally Connecting Your Processes

  • Real time product tech packs/specifications
  • Integration between line/collection plans and sourcing plans
  • Collaborative planning to agree product deliveries at color/size levels
  • 3D visualization of products and 3D tech packs
  • Manage on-line product costs at multiple levels such as FOB and full cost breakdown

Full Supply Chain Integration

  • Digital Purchase Orders quickly created by brands/retailers and easily accessed by vendors via their portal
  • Logistics integration and tracking including split deliveries, part deliveries and shipment/container management
  • Integration framework to ensure easy integration to 3rd parties such as ERP/WMS solutions
  • On-line, remote management of product quality standards including user defined quality check points, AQL and 3rd party assessment

Real Time Data & Tracking

  • Critical Path Management starting from the product development stage and extending into the procurement stage
  • Automatic tracking and auditing of all changes to products, orders, and deliveries

Notifications & Accountability

  • Automatic notifications ensure that all parties know what is required and when
  • Accountability for all actions, decisions, and agreements
  • Guarantee signed off product sample standards are carried though to production

Full Control from Concept to Delivery with PLM & PO Management

To see more details on the full capabilities please click on link to Dynamic Purchasing Platform or PLM. Click here to organize a meeting to discuss your requirements.