Dynamic Purchasing Platform gives fashion companies the tools to more effectively manage and control purchases of products from initial requisition right through to delivery. Gain visibility of PO progress, centralize vendor communication, and tighten integration with product specifications.

Part of the Made for You module suite enabling the easy adoption and phased transformation from current manual processes to a fully fledged digital business model.

DeSL’s Dynamic Purchasing Platform will enable the further expansion of Digital Transformation by fashion companies globally and the innovative platform will deliver the following to any size of company:

Critical Path Tracking

View all activities in the procurement process.

Flexible Ordering

Multiple order types, delivery methods and ability to split shipments.

Accounting Tools

Full visibility of buying budgets, cash flows and planned costs.

Open Integration

Integration to existing ERP systems, logistic providers, and manufacturing equipment.

Vendor Portal

Real time communication with vendors and mills.


Workflow bases automatic PO creation based on accurate planning data.