Sustainability Focused PLM

The retail, fashion, apparel, and footwear industries have a significant and lasting impact on the world around us. Companies large and small recognize their impact on the environment and the responsibility to uphold social compliance with their vendor partners. Purchasing with the environment in mind, new-age consumers want sustainably produced products, driving change in business buying habits to meet consumer demand. Corporate initiatives are also a driving factor in this shift in the industry. Investing in new tools and services enables responsible decision-making in a collaborative environment to manage sustainability and compliance.

Going forward, brands and retailers will be asked to show how they are tackling climate ensuring compliance with social and human rights requirements, not just in their organisations, but, more importantly, their entire supply chain, from fibre to finished product.

Supply Chain

PLM Supports Sustainability

DeSL’s Product Lifecycle Management solutions deliver industry leading functionality across the complete supply chain supporting sustainability goals.

Reduce Carbon Emissions with Digital Color Approvals

Improves communication with suppliers, providing real-time control over color specifications, and reducing waste and carbon emissions associated with shipping numerous lab dips.

Virtual Samples Reduce Waste

Digital 3D samples without the time consuming and waste associated with physical samples.

Carbon Emissions Management

Track carbon emission from samples to full production.

Certification Tracking to Build Trust

Granting stronger supply chain responsibility and customer transparency with tracking of product and material certifications.

Factory Audits for Sustainable Sourcing

Ensure suppliers organization, practices, and processes are in compliance with multi-tiered vendor management and reporting.

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    Apparel Sustainability White Paper

    Emissions Produced During the
    Making and Distribution of Clothes

    Sustainability Carbon Emissions

    Sustainability Is No Longer Optional

    DeSL recognizes the necessity for improvement within the retail, fashion, apparel, and footwear industries and is dedicated to delivering the features and tools to support sustainability initiatives. DeSL offers a variety of technological tools to improve communication, increase quality, reduce waste, and speed up workflow.

    Contact us to learn more about the PLM benefits towards apparel sustainability and to arrange a software demo.