Motherhood Maternity Announces Contract Renewal with DeSL

Product development workflow with Motherhood MaternityDiscover e-Solutions (DeSL) is pleased to announce the renewed software solutions contract with Motherhood Maternity after six years of successful partnership.

Motherhood Maternity, founded in 1982, is the leading designer and one of the most prominent retailers of maternity apparel in the United States. The customer centric brand is devoted to being a resource for mothers and has been successfully voted best maternity clothing brand by Ovia Family Awards, as well as what to expect in 2020.

In 2014, the company launched DeSL’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tool to strengthen the overall product development workflow, improve accuracy and automate processes, all while maintaining a leadership position in the maternity apparel sector.

“For the past six years, we have been successfully partnering with DeSL to guide and support our product development process from raw materials, fabrics and trims to overall style creation,” said Marla Ryan, Brand President, Motherhood Maternity. “The highly customizable platform, is our true north and allows us to have one centralized tool to successfully manage our end to end product development for both our brands, Motherhood Maternity and A Pea in the Pod.”

Recently, the fashion industry has taken a devastating impact from COVID 19, and brands are being forced to accelerate the necessary advancements that must happen in order to survive. “At DeSL, we have always understood the need for accelerated software solutions to encapsulate all stages of product design and development for our customers,” said Colin Marks, CEO, DeSL. “And, with that tool, there is also the promise to deliver a highly devoted level of service support to our partners, like Motherhood Maternity, to guarantee success.”

DeSL looks forward to the continuous long term partnership with Motherhood Maternity and is committed to supporting the brands ongoing improvements to its product development workflow and digital transformation efforts. To learn more, request a demo with a DeSL representative.


About Motherhood Maternity

Motherhood Maternity is a dedicated resource for supporting women as they go through their pregnancy journey to motherhood by building a strong sense of community. Since 1982, Motherhood Maternity® and its sister brand, A Pea in the Pod®, has specialized in being the world’s largest designer and retailer of maternity and nursing apparel and accessories. Motherhood Maternity honors our heroes and offers a 10% merchandise discount to teachers, first responders and active duty military personnel, veterans and family members. To learn more, visit or follow Motherhood Maternity on Facebook and Instagram.

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How Digital Transformation is Fundamentally Changing the Fashion Industry

DeSL x WhichPLM: Digital Transformation in Fashion

Many fashion companies have already invested in fashion information technology by deploying PLM solutions. These methods are no longer sufficient to deliver what is required today. Progressive companies are now realizing that they must fundamentally change the way they have previously operated. Here, in the form of an internal Q&A conducted by WhichPLM, DeSL has provided their answers to some burning questions on the topic. To better understand their approach to digital transformation Colin Marks, Pam Peale, and Leo Sillence share their thoughts.

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Fashion Information Technology WhichPLM


About WhichPLM

A digital magazine dedicated to news, opinion and insight into the full spectrum of product development solutions for the retail, footwear and apparel industry. The WhichPLM group has been delivering the latest daily technology news and insights on the subject of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), and more recently ERP (Enterprise Resource Management). We examine, evaluate and report on a broad range of technology solutions including: the VOC (Voice of the Customer), Trend, Planning, 2D CAD/CAM, 3D Virtual Reality, A.R, PLM, DAM, PIM, ERP, IOT Digital Printing, and a host of other fashion related technology solutions that can be found in a typical fashion retailer, brand, wholesaler, agent or manufacturer.

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DeSL Launches Interactive 3D Platform

3D Platform launch with digital fashion softwareDiscover e-Solutions (DeSL) announces that it has completed the development of its unique, web based, interactive 3D modeling platform which can work with any 3D software provider.

A key requirement for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and digital technology overall, is the ability to work with virtual products, samples, and digital approvals. DeSL’s new technology is so powerful it can stream multiple 3D models simultaneously. This enables users to have side by side visualization of virtual products and provide a rich and compelling interactive experience.

In addition to creating DeSL’s innovative 3D tech packs, this 3D platform launch will enable users to,

  • Quickly prototype product changes such as different colors and materials.
  • Present compelling 3D collections to prospective customers over the internet and take sales orders and feedback.
  • Perform product approvals/rejections with the ability to annotate models and relay to vendors in real time.
  • Host real time, interactive product reviews with multiple users from all over the globe simultaneously.
  • Drag and drop 3D product models to quickly create lines and collections.

The 3D platform is an integral part of DeSL’s overall digital platform and extends into key PLM, procurement, and sales business processes. It is designed specifically to enable companies take full advantage of the latest digital technology. Changing the way they operate today in order to drive growth and efficiency in existing and new markets.


Learn More About DeSL’s 3D Platform

The DeSL’s 3D digital fashion software launch is changing the way brands view and interact with collections. To learn more, request a demo with a DeSL representative.

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Cotton Heritage Adopts DeSL’s Digital Platform

Cotton Heritage retail supply chain management

Discover e-Solutions (DeSL) teams with Cotton Heritage to provide a strong digital solution to support their retail supply chain management and company growth goals.

Cotton Heritage is a premier apparel blanks provider based in Los Angeles, California. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, they are a mill direct, WRAP Certified company that is committed to creating ethically produced garments with superior printability.

Patrick Novak, Chief Operating Officer, at Cotton Heritage says, “With technology playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of business, we recognized that we needed to implement a digital solution to ensure our product development team and our factories are more communitive and organized.” The DeSL software solution will improve the collaboration internally and with vendors. Especially during this time of growth for Cotton Heritage, each department will benefit from increased visibility to product details.

Cotton Heritage worked with external consultants and performed a rigorous selection process. When discussing their decision on the right software to implement for their end to end digitalization needs, Novak adds, “DeSL is the solution that brings together product ideation, development and deployment, and change management to help support our company growth.”

The company selected DeSL’s Digital Transformation, Business Essentials Package including Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and P.O. Management and is safely deploying it through remote implementation. The DeSL team is thrilled to partner with them and offer industry best practices.

DeSL looks forward to seeing Cotton Heritage’s future growth and expansion. To learn more about DeSL’s software solutions and remote implementation, request a demo with a DeSL representative.


About Cotton Heritage

Cotton Heritage is an international company with expertise that extends from decades of providing our customers with premium quality apparel blanks. We are a mill direct, WRAP Certified company that is committed to creating ethically produced garments with superior printability.

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Tank Stream Design End to End Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation for fashion brand Tank Stream Design

Discover e-Solutions (DeSL) partners with Tank Stream Design as they continue their innovation journey.

Founded over 20 years ago, Tank Stream Design has been one of Australia’s leaders in resort wear, outdoor lifestyle apparel, and giftware. The already innovative company knows the importance of an all encompassing approach to digital transformation, which is why they have chosen DeSL’s software to provide an end to end solution. DeSL’s modules will form the backbone that links all their fashion departments and business processes together, from design through product development, sourcing, and into sales.

Tank Stream Design wants to leverage technology in order to drive growth and efficiency and have already invested in ERP, B2B, and B2C. However, they lacked a web based, real time solution which would deliver full digital transformation from initial product concept, to procurement and finally through to sales and marketing. From DeSL’s extensive suite of software solutions, Tank Stream Design selected, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), P.O. Management, Product Information Management (PIM), and BI Reporting, to expand their capabilities and integrate all new and pre existing software.

James Neumann, CEO and Founder, commented, “Tank Stream Design of Australia has chosen DeSL as the software to streamline our ‘Design to Market’ process. Tank Stream is a perfect candidate for software modules such as PLM as we constantly struggle with the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of working in multiple software applications and spreadsheets across all departments.” He continues by saying, “After an extensive search, and receiving demonstrations by all major PLM providers, our research team found DeSL to be a holistic solution for our end to end ‘Design to Market’ cycle. Equally as important, we found DeSL’s software simple to navigate, allowing easy buy in from our team of users. DeSL has a team of true professionals who are a pleasure to work with, are very knowledgeable in the PLM space, and are not playing catch up like many of its competitors.”

Neumann sums it up for DeSL and Tank Stream Design when he says, “We can’t wait to finish the project and realize the benefits that the software will bring to the business.” With DeSL’s software and guidance, Tank Stream Design will achieve massive efficiency gains from a digital transformation perspective.


About Tank Stream Design

From humble beginnings over 20 years ago, Tank Stream Design has become a leader in supplying resort wear, giftware and outdoor lifestyle apparel in Australia, with retailers worldwide including New Zealand, United States, Caribbean, Japan and Canada. At Tank Stream Design they design, source, and distribute a vast range of quality apparel, headwear and resort products under our family of brands. Their apparel and resort products in particular have been uniquely developed, enabling us to personalize each design to a specific store location.

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Haddad Brands Steps into Digital Transformation

Haddad Brands selects Digital Color ApprovalsDiscover e-Solutions (DeSL) partners with Haddad Brands as they take their first steps into digital transformation with DeSL’s Digital Color Approvals.

Founded in 1948, Haddad is the leading children’s wear manufacturer representing the most iconic American brands in the world; Nike, Brand Jordan, Converse, Hurley, and Levi’s. This year, Haddad has decided to move towards a more efficient business model through digitalizing its color approval process.

DeSL’s Digital Color Approval software eliminates the need to send physical lab dips/strike offs, ultimately ensuring color consistency across the entire supply chain and sales channels. This technology creates a more accurate approach to managing color, while drastically reducing the time and capital spent. Not only does this platform support digital color specification, communication, and the approval process. It also includes importing digital color standards and the digitization of current physical color standards. Haddad will have a single source of color information available throughout the entire company. It will be accessible in real time globally by all authorized color users.

Haddad has now stepped into digital transformation by the virtualization of once physical assets required in order to make decisions with product selection and sampling. Decision making is now based on scientific data, reducing approval time and the possibility of errors.

In the coming years, digital transformation innovations will help drive the next phase of advancements for the retail, fashion, apparel, and footwear industries. DeSL provides these solutions to fully exploit the potential improvements by deploying a digital cloud based ecosystem. This covers all major business processes from product concept right through to the end consumer.


About Haddad Brands

Haddad is a privately held family business with over 60 years of experience in the children’s wear apparel and accessories industry. Haddad is the leading children’s wear manufacturer representing the most iconic American brands in the world; Nike, Brand Jordan, Converse, Hurley, and Levi’s. Their talented professionals are leaders in design, sourcing, sales and global distribution.

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DeSL Announces Digital Transformation Packages

Discover e-Solutions (DeSL) launches the first cloud based end to end digital transformation packages specifically designed for growing SMBs.

To survive and thrive in a post COVID 19 era, the fashion sector must drop its reliance on outdated software and manual processes to move rapidly into total digital transformation. To meet these requirements, fashion companies must embrace the new opportunities and perform a paradigm shift to go digital from end to end. Processes at every step in the supply chain ecosystem will be affected in more ways than traditional fashion PLM solutions can manage. Digital workflows that are standardized and automated will enable companies to increase speed and improve efficiencies.

The solution is available in a number of editions each designed to address specific key areas in the overall process:

  • Essentials edition includes PLM, PO Management Ai plug-in & 3D Integration
  • Advanced includes Standard Edition plus Sales/Marketing Management OR Digital Color Approvals
  • Premium includes Standard Edition plus Sales/Marketing Management AND Digital Color Approvals

A number of financial options are available to SMBs to help reduce the impact of prohibitive up front costs. One option is fast track, remote implementation, and setup costs being included in the monthly per user price and spread over the contract term.

Once true digital transformation has been achieved, companies can implement these digital processes and apply them to new markets, opportunities, products, differing customer requirements, and easily appoint and work with new vendors/factories with no disruption. SMBs can now take advantage of the technology traditionally not available to companies of their size through DeSL’s cost effective hosted solution and move to a totally digital future. DeSL is committed to supporting grassroots fashion and apparel companies and believes that if SMBs are to have the best chance of survival and unhindered growth, the starting point should be laying down the foundations of a solid digital transformation platform from the outset. To learn more about DeSL’s digital transformation for SMBs, request a demo with a DeSL representative.

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ModCloth Partners with DeSL

ModCloth fashion industry supply chain

ModCloth takes its next steps towards fashion industry supply chain transparency with DeSL’s PLM software. Founded in 2002, ModCloth has raised fashion industry standards through size inclusion, anti photoshopping policies, and female leadership. As ModCloth continues to grow due to its freestanding and new independent ownership, it realized the importance of streamlining the supply chain.

The recently independent company required a flexible, powerful software that can be implemented quickly, in order to replace their current outdated program. When assessing ModCloth’s pain points, DeSL found the overall need for supply chain end to end visibility, along with 3D capabilities.

Chris Schreiber, Chief Operating Officer of ModCloth explains, “We chose DeSL due to 1) end to end visibility, integrating all functions for robust decisions, 2) flexibility in terms of current and future processes (such as 3D), 3) simplicity of configuration in order to implement and pivot quickly.” She goes on to mention, “The product development process can be cumbersome, but the tools to support it don’t have to be; and in this case, the DeSL PLM tool will definitely reduce complexity.”

Despite the obstacles presented by COVID 19, DeSL and the ModCloth team has worked hard to handle all business processes remotely. DeSL is beyond delighted to begin this partnership with ModCloth. The quick, remote implementation will provide a strong foundation for DeSL and both parties are looking forward to the future of PLM.


About ModCloth

At ModCloth, we make getting dressed fun. Back to being independently owned, we’re all about perfect fits for every body. Unique, mood boosting prints. Vintage inspired, versatile styles that make you look good, but more importantly, feel good. Find your joy at ModCloth.

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Improving Enterprise Critical Paths with Remote PLM Implementation

PLM implementation processDeSL offers remote PLM implementation for all brands globally due to COVID 19. Ultimately saving time, travel fees, and abiding by safety precautions.

As employers continue to respond and navigate global lockdowns due to COVID 19, offices are closed and staff are acclimating to working from home. Planned technology projects don’t need to face postponement during these times. Remote implementation can allow organizations to efficiently move forward, even with team leaders working from their homes.

The DeSL team has successfully completed PLM implementation projects remotely without a significant difference from the traditional onsite process. DeSL can securely connect while communicating with critical project leaders because it is cloud based and remotely accessible. Scheduling important team meetings are often easier to arrange since they no longer must take place in person, and video conferencing provides many of the benefits that traditional face to face interactions offer. A remote implementation is also a perfect choice for companies with high security or strict on site policies.

The move to virtual meetings and remote software connections will generate savings for the project by eliminating normal travel expenses.

DeSL draws on its industry experienced team and expansive global projects to provide a streamlined and efficient implementation process. DeSL’s goal is to get companies to see results quickly while being fully supported.


Learn More About Implementing PLM

To learn how DeSL’s remote PLM implementation process can improve your brand, click to request a demo with a DeSL representative.

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DeSL Launches New Creative Sales Platform

Product catalog management with Creative Sales PlatformAnnouncing DeSL’s Creative Sales Platform developed as the digital infrastructure to connect customers and global sales teams in real time, ultimately developed for product catalog management and digital infrastructure to connect customers and global sales teams in real time. Ultimately shortening the overall order processing cycle and reducing the need for physical samples. This platform is part of the series of specialized, standalone, or fully integrated modules.

Teams around the globe can collaborate on collections using the online platform regardless of their physical location. Full drag and drop functionality is available to create collections for specific customers, by region, or sales channel. The platform is an online replacement for hard copy collections, line books, and catalogs. Gain exposure to all required key digital assets, including 3D product models and core sales images. Compile financial data for planning and analysis, while viewing sales forecasts and actuals. Benefit from flexible price and discount editing with multi currency settings. Workflow is based on integration to an existing ERP solution, DeSL ERP, or other.


Single Source of Truth

Creative Sales Platform organizes product sales and marketing messages in one central hub. View real time customer ratings and feedback, while easily identifying the “winners” and “losers” in a collection. Robust sales analytics offer data for making more informed selling decisions. Brands can view online order confirmations and estimated delivery windows to communicate back to customers. The platform can be used in conjunction with DeSL’s other modules to deliver the ability for purchase order creation to satisfy the demand of customer sales orders.


Learn More About Creative Sales Platform

Creative Sales Platform joins DeSL’s other software modules covering all key business processes starting at product concept and reaching through to final sale and delivery. To learn more about the Creative Sales Platform, click here to request a demo with a DeSL representative.

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