March 2, 2021

Frogg Toggs Announces Strategic Partnership with DeSL to Deliver PLM Solution

by DeSL in News

Frogg Toggs product management strategy

Frogg Toggs® has selected Discover e-Solutions (DeSL) to deliver Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software technology. DeSL is a market leader in digital transformation solutions including integrated end to end PLM software for the retail, fashion, apparel, and footwear sectors.

As the world leader in waterproof outerwear, hunting and fishing wadewear, performance footwear, cooling products, and accessories, Frogg Toggs is challenged to remain flexible, responsive, and agile in all aspects of product creation and management. From concept to delivery, Frogg Toggs is focused on being the most dependable source to customers.

With so many channels, markets, and SKU’s, product management has always been a challenge and a segment that consumes considerable resources. We are excited to implement this resource saving technology into our product management strategy,” attests Will Fowler, President and Director of Marketing at Frogg Toggs. Fowler listed several key factors that led Frogg Toggs to the selection of DeSL as their PLM provider.

  • Simple and complete integration of technical, development, and design data onto a single, centralized digital platform
  • Low storage impact, cloud based software solution provides data access flexibility from multiple locations and platforms
  • Improve resource performance by providing streamlined processes, procedures, operational responsibility, workflows, and reduced redundancy between departments
  • Allows all resources to access real time data, communications, and progress during the product life cycle, allowing each department to plan for and complete product assignments more efficiently
  • Facilitates operational efficiency, internal cost savings, resource reallocation, and a more effective overall business model

With the signing now complete, DeSL is ready to begin the implementation process with Frogg Toggs’ team. DeSL looks forward to the continuous long term partnership with Frogg Toggs and is committed to supporting the brand’s ongoing technology improvements. To learn more, request a demo with a DeSL representative.


About Frogg Toggs

Frogg Toggs® was founded in 1996 with a core mission of providing affordable rainwear to the masses. They have held true to this concept in all product creations. If they cannot provide the most performance at the best price, they simply won’t make the product. Frogg Toggs have grown into the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of waterproof outerwear, hunting and fishing waders, personal cooling products, footwear, and outdoor accessories.