DeSL recognizes the essential role Small-Medium Businesses (SMB) play in the fashion industry and is dedicated to providing these growing businesses with powerful digital software. DeSL’s Made for You solutions are tailored to fit the demands of SMBs in a scalable, easy to learn, cloud-based suite of software. Harness the capabilities of a full-featured system with access to the most critical tools to successfully manage your supply chain.

Advantages of Made for You

DeSL’s software is rooted in creating solutions for all stages through the supply chain process. Made for You is geared to equip brands with powerful new tools and focus on specific pain points brands encounter every day. Each module prioritizes key steps in the business and is designed to collectively align with the brand’s digital ecosystem initiatives and is built to add on additional features when needed. Every module seamlessly integrates into DeSL’s solutions or existing third party software.

Key SMB Features

  • Web-based easy to use interface
  • Specific modules for individual business requirements
  • Expand with scalable modules as business grows
  • Integrates into DeSL’s solutions or existing third party software
  • Quick implementation

Fast Implementation

DeSL’s streamlined implementation plan is lead by an industry experienced team dedicated to getting you live quickly and is supported by ongoing free training webinars.

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Made for You Modules

Product Lifecycle Management

The ultimate in collaborative product design and development. Designed to be used by all parties in the development process, the solution delivers a true web based, real time, collaborative network specifically aimed at reducing development time lines and increasing quality.

Color Lifecycle Management

Color Lifecycle Management™

Color Lifecycle Management™ (CLM) is a holistic approach to color management. Ensures that the appropriate color is selected from the outset and manages all aspects of development, collaboration, and quality assurance.

Digital Planning Boards

Visual tool to meet the needs of the design, brand management, tech design, merchandising and sales teams. Versatile platform to create mood boards, analyze financial merchandising plans, and manage live line sheets.

Total Quality Management

Cloud-based solution enabling companies to ensure products are made to specification and supplied from vendors operating to highest levels of social compliance and ethical trading levels.

Dynamic Purchasing Platform

Complete end-to-end tool for managing suppliers and encompassing all areas of the supply chain including suppliers, vendors and mills.

Creative Sales Platform

Designed as a collaborative sales team tool to shorten the overall order processing cycle and reduce the need for physical samples.

Supplier Relationship Management

Collaborative platform delivering total control of key processes from initial sourcing intelligence gathering; supplier quotations; production planning; purchase order progress tracking right through to compliance auditing.

Product Information Management

Centrally manage product data to feed consistent, accurate, and up-to-date information to multiple output media such as websites, printed catalogues, and electronic data feeds to trading partner systems.

Adobe Illustrator Plug-in

Adobe Illustrator Plug-in

Seamless integral link between the creative team and the core Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tool. Designers can pull data from PLM, create a Bill of Materials, and request samples directly in Adobe Illustrator.

Why Choose DeSL?

Since 2002, DeSL has been developing business critical software solutions for the Fashion, Apparel, Textile, and Footwear sectors. Our software spans the widest range of business processes relevant to today’s progressive, forward-thinking companies and their digital transformation efforts.

End-to-End Solution

Cover the entire supply chain from product design, planning, and procurement through to warehouse management, e-commerce, sales, stores, and finance management

Critical path management

Workflow to enable brands to closely monitor the key detail processes in every individual organization

Industry Experts

DeSL’s solutions were developed by industry experts specifically for the Fashion, Apparel, Textile, and Footwear sectors