What does it all mean?

The fashion sector must drop its reliance on outdated software and manual processes to move rapidly into total Digital Transformation if it wants to survive and thrive in a post COVID-19 era. Today’s progressive companies now realize that they must fundamentally change the way that they have previously operated and perform a paradigm shift to go digital from end-to-end. Digital Transformation means using technology to change the way companies operate in order to drive growth and efficiency in existing or new markets and add more value to their customers.

Once true Digital Transformation has been achieved, companies can implement these digital processes and apply them to new markets, opportunities, products, differing customer requirements, and easily appoint and work with new vendors/factories with no disruption. It’s not a matter of asking, “how much faster can we do things in the same way?” It’s about what digital technology is capable of achieving, and how we can change our business to make the most of this opportunity?

Key Attributes


Tools for managing suppliers and covering all procurement processes


Switch to digital assets and automated workflows for increased accuracy and speed

Real-Time Data

Improved decision making backed up by machine learning and artificial intelligence


Seamless integration of key data into manufacturing equipment or vendor systems

In the coming years, Digital Transformation innovations will help drive the next phase of advancements for the fashion, apparel, textile, and footwear industries. Businesses wishing to compete will need to be able to properly leverage the deployment of these new digital technologies and integration of mission-critical data. DeSL provides these solutions to fully exploit the potential improvements by deploying a digital cloud-based ecosystem covering all major business processes from product concept right through to end consumer.

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