Digital Planning Boards are a revolutionary centralized tool that empowers the creative aspects of the business, while harnessing financial data to make informed decisions.

Central Hub For Development

Digital Planning Boards are a central hub that ties large amounts of data together in an easy to use visual tool to meet the needs of the design, brand management, tech design, merchandising and sales teams. This offers a versatile platform to create mood boards, analyze financial merchandising plans, and manage live line sheets.

Designers can start the design phase by developing digital mood boards with real-time editing access, customized layers, and accurate colour capabilities. Their line sheets will never become outdated. Edits and changes to colour, patterns, and images are made instantly.

Brand Managers and Merchandisers use Digital Planning Boards to streamline seasonal line development by visually arranging and segmenting collections by categories such as delivery window, style, fabric, and colour. Financial teams can analyze the merch plans by reviewing and receiving instant margin status tracking with the module’s live connection to backend financials.

DeSL’s Digital Planning Boards are revolutionizing the fashion industry’s approach to the design and development process.