Supplier Relationship Management delivers complete control of all sourcing and supplier management processes. Efficiently track key business processes including: initial sourcing intelligence gathering, collecting supplier quotations, monitoring production planning, purchase order progress tracking, and compliance auditing.

The key business areas addressed by the solution are:

Supplier Definition

Profile management, grading, contact definition, hierarchies, document management.

Inspections and Audits

Ethical trading, health & safety, inspection team definition, automatic audit scheduling, pre-production audits, compliance management.

Supplier Self Service

Online access to key data, product specifications, critical path dates and real-time updates, upload or view documents, online access to purchase orders and progress updates.

Supplier Quotations

Multiple product types, multi-currency, user defined cost calculations, linked to product specifications, approval/rejection cycle, costing knowledge base.

Collaboration Planning

Capacity definition, multi-level planning, tentative/planned/confirmed requirements, approval/rejection cycles.

Collaborative Design and Development

Online access to product specifications, add comments, upload images/sketches, add component details/prices, security definition.