January 11, 2024

HATCH Collective Streamlines Product Development with DeSL PLM

by DeSL in News

HATCH Collective Streamlines Product Development

HATCH Collective partners with Discover e-Solutions (DeSL) to deliver Product Lifecycle Management software. DeSL is a market leader in digital transformation solutions including integrated end-to-end PLM software for the fashion, apparel, textile, footwear, and retail sectors.

Juliana Simon, SVP of Development and Production at HATCH Collective, shares “HATCH Collective adopted DeSL in 2023 as we assumed operational responsibility for two additional portfolio brands, Motherhood Maternity and A Pea in the Pod. This PLM solution facilitated an easy transition from manual tracking tools and assisted our team in further enhancing and streamlining our product development processes. We look forward to seeing the full benefits of this digital transformation and the additional efficiencies it can offer as we continue to scale.”

One of the standout features of DeSL’s PLM solution is its accessibility for factories involved in the production process. The system provides a centralized platform for collaboration, enabling effective communication, and coordination among all stakeholders.

In addition, HATCH Collective notes the integration of DeSL’s PLM solution with testing processes has been a massive help. Testing reports seamlessly enter the system and are centrally utilized throughout the product development lifecycle. HATCH Collective also highlights the system’s capability to serve as a single source of truth for all aspects of a style.

Juliana continues, “Our brands have had a long history with DeSL and we have been extremely pleased with their flexibility to work with us as we configure the tool to fit our current needs keeping our growth in mind.”

DeSL looks forward to supporting HATCH Collective with their ongoing commitment to embracing digital transformation and leveraging DeSL’s PLM to drive efficiency in product development. To learn more, visit DeSL or request a demo with a DeSL representative.




About HATCH Collective

HATCH Collective is the authority in the maternity space and the parent company of today’s leading maternity brands, HATCH, Motherhood Maternity, and A Pea in the Pod. Established in 2011 by Ariane Goldman, HATCH was designed as a premium lifestyle destination, catering to women throughout their different stages of pregnancy and motherhood. HATCH Collective’s comprehensive portfolio of brands provides a diverse range of offerings including fashion, skincare, content and community support, meeting the needs of all women before during and after pregnancy.