April 19, 2022

DeSL Strengthens Sustainability Technology with Higg Data

by DeSL in News


DeSL announces partnership with Higg, the sustainability insights platform, to strengthen its already comprehensive suite of tools to help fashion and other consumer goods industries better manage their corporate goals in terms of sustainability, climate change and compliance.

Leveraging this integration, DeSL can deliver Higg’s industry leading social and environmental sustainability insights to product designers and developers from the start of the development process. With sustainability being an industry-wide initiative and brands seeking deeper adoption, partnering with a leading data solution will allow our customers to design products and see value-chain data all in one solution.

The expanded functionality delivers DeSL PLM customers visibility to the environmental impacts of their design and sourcing decisions which are connected to upstream sustainability targets.

Colin Marks, DeSL’s CEO explains, “DeSL is committed to working with the fashion industry to deliver technology which enables companies to make better and faster decisions when it comes to the entire product lifecycle, from initial design concept right through to delivery to the consumer.” He goes on to mention, “The ability to predict the likely sustainability and carbon footprint effects of product and sourcing partner choices will enable brands to make better decisions when it comes to balancing margin requirements with corporate sustainability goals. Integrating with the Higg platform will bring a new level of trusted and transparent data to help with these decisions.”

Leveraging Higg’s APIs, DeSL allows users to continue their PLM workflow while receiving up-to-date information on environmental impacts. This collaboration on materials extends to overall product impacts as well as tracking vendor compliance at the social and environmental levels.

“We are delighted to work with DeSL to introduce Higg sustainability data to their PLM workflow,” said Higg Chief Strategy Officer James Schaffer. “Thanks to this partnership, fashion brands, retailers, and manufacturers can use Higg solutions and data to strengthen their individual social and environmental sustainability strategies. Higg is committed to helping companies address climate change and meet the sustainability expectations of today’s global stakeholders.”

As a leading end-to-end PLM solution, DeSL will be able to scale with Higg’s tools offering accessibility to a wide range of companies from SMB to enterprise, looking to accurately measure and improve their sustainable practices. To learn more about the Higg integration features with PLM,  request a demo with a DeSL representative.




About Higg

Higg is the sustainability insights platform for consumer goods businesses – delivering software and services for measuring, managing, and sharing supply chain performance data.

From materials to products, from facilities to stores, from emissions to working conditions, Higg unlocks a complete view of a business’s social and environmental impact.

Built on the leading framework for sustainability measurement, Higg is trusted by global brands, retailers, and manufacturers to provide the single source of ESG intelligence they need to accelerate business and industry transformation.

Launched in 2019 as a public-benefit corporation, Higg is the exclusive licensee of the Higg Index, the industry-leading value chain measurement methodology developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition.