June 10, 2020

Improving enterprise critical paths with remote PLM implementation

by DeSL in News

Remote PLM Implemention Process

PLM implementation processDeSL offers remote PLM implementation process for all brands globally due to COVID-19. Ultimately saving time, travel fees, and abiding by safety precautions.

As employers continue to respond and navigate global lockdowns due to COVID-19, offices are closed and staff are acclimating to working from home. Planned technology projects don’t need to face postponement during these times. Remote implementation can allow organizations to efficiently move forward, even with team leaders working from their homes.

The DeSL team has successfully completed PLM implementation projects remotely without a significant difference from the traditional onsite process. DeSL can securely connect while communicating with critical project leaders because it is cloud-based and remotely accessible. Scheduling important team meetings are often easier to arrange since they no longer must take place in person, and video conferencing provides many of the benefits that traditional face-to-face interactions offer. A remote implementation process is also a perfect choice for companies with high security or strict on-site policies.

The move to virtual meetings and remote software connections will generate savings for the project by eliminating normal travel expenses.

DeSL draws on its industry experienced team and expansive global projects to provide a streamlined and efficient implementation process. DeSL’s goal is to get companies seeing results quickly, while being fully supported.


Learn More Implementing PLM

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