February 25, 2020

Unite material management and digital color approvals

by DeSL in News

We all know that color is a very important part of the decision making process made by consumers when selecting fashion products. Why leave the selection and approval of product colors open to human error, when it can be a key part of a holistic digital transformation process?

DeSL is the only company with a full raw materials development and management solution with scientific color management and integrated to the widest range of color measurement devices and digital/sublimation printers. The solution not only covers all aspects of raw materials management such as full physical, chemical, and compliance testing, but also uniquely extends into scientific color evaluations. All aspects of the material development processes are managed in a cloud-based solution which unifies the entire supply chain, from initial development right through to final production.

Reduce need for physical samples

The system delivers real-time, digital lab dip/strike-off requests to mills and partners. This will include full scientific color requirements to enable online digital color approvals and vastly reduce the number of physical samples required. All relevant parties can access this key data and enable the real-time quality assurance to ensure that the colors delivered are those that were requested.

This is a huge opportunity to vastly reduce the costs of color and slash the timescales currently taken to approve product color across all vendors, irrespective of location. All key events are measured to enable the creation of KPI’s and the solution’s intelligence even delivers the ability to advise which colors will work on which substrates with which vendors.

All aspects of raw materials development and production are now available on a real-time cloud-based solution which will deliver the ultimate goal of Material Digital Approvals.