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DeSL appreciates that the only important industry sector is yours, and DeSL recognises this and our solutions have been specifically designed to address the business needs and individual nuances of the Fashion, Apparel and Footwear sectors.

Whether you’re sector lies in fashion, apparel or footwear our solutions will give you the flexibility to configure the system to operate in the way you need to.

The flexibility has been designed from the outset – any product variants such as size, colour and width can be configured by you, without any technical work required.

The ability to work with such a wide range of product types can also be matched to your particular business process requirements whether you’re in Retail, Wholesale, Distribution or Manufacturing – or indeed a combination of these, which is becoming more and more common, we can cater for your specific needs.

Our solutions are designed using the latest web based technology, we exploit new innovations such as RFID etc. and we enable you to easily connect to your partners or 3rd party applications via our Service Orientated Architecture.




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