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Product Lifecycle Management

DeSL’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) module is the ultimate in collaborative product design and development. Designed to be used by all parties in the development process, the solution delivers a true web based, real time, collaborative network specifically aimed at reducing development time lines and increasing quality.



Small-Medium Business (SMB) Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is tailored to fit the demands of SMBs in a scalable, cloud-based software solution. Harness the capabilities of a full-featured PLM system with access to the most critical tools to successfully manage your supply chain.

Color Lifecycle Management™

DeSL’s Color Lifecycle Management™ (CLM) is a holistic approach to color management. CLM starts with ensuring that the appropriate colour is selected from the outset and manages all aspects of development, collaboration, and quality assurance right through to product final sale, either in store or on a website.

Color Lifecycle Management

Digital Planning Boards

Digital Planning Boards are a central hub that ties large amounts of data together in an easy to use visual tool to meet the needs of the design, brand management, tech design, merchandising and sales teams. The newest enhancement offers a more versatile platform to create mood boards, analyze financial merchandising plans, and manage live line sheets.

Adobe Illustrator Plug-in

Ai Plug-in is built from the ground up to be a seamless integral link between the creative team and the core Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tool. The Ai Plug-in was developed with designers in mind. Now, designers can feel comfortable pulling data from PLM, create a Bill of Materials, and requesting samples directly in Adobe Illustrator while the Ai Plug-in bridges PLM features.

Adobe Illustrator Plug-in

Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Relationship Management delivers total control of all your sourcing and supplier management processes. Key processes from initial sourcing intelligence gathering; supplier quotations; production planning; purchase order progress tracking right through to compliance auditing can be performed in a totally collaborative web-based platform.

Supply Chain Management

DeSL’s SCM module is totally integrated to the SRM module to deliver a complete end to end tool for managing suppliers and covers all procurement processes. It will enable users to deploy a real time web based work in process management tool which encompasses are areas of the supply chain including suppliers/vendors and mills.

Supply Chain Management

Product Information Management

DeSL’s Product Information Management (PIM) module, centrally manages product data to feed consistent, accurate, and up-to-date information to multiple output media such as websites, printed catalogues, and electronic data feeds to trading partner systems.

Enterprise Resource Planning

DeSL’s Enterprise Resource Planning is a new paradigm in enterprise level software solutions that integrate the many facets of your business into a single system. The solution encompasses your business processes, people, customers, suppliers, and partners in a complete collaborative and proactive network.

Enterprise Resource Management


Groundbreaking technology in 3D augmented reality opens up new possibilities for the fashion industry sectors.


Mobile Apps

Mobile PLM apps strive to make the product design and development process faster, easier, more accurate and more productive.

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