Webinar Details
Date: Tuesday 22nd November 2022
Time: 3pm UK / 10am EST / 7am PST
Duration: 1 hour

Meaningful advancement towards sustainability is becoming more and more important in the apparel industry as brands attempt to navigate the future of their product development. Join us for a discussion with three companies helping lead the charge forward in sustainability innovation. Hosted by ASBCI, attendees will hear expert insights from DeSL, Higg, and Browzwear. They will be covering how with the correct use of technology, brands can operate and grow profitably with sustainability goals top of mind.

The speakers will inform and educate on how focusing on data and technology can help brands to:

  • Digitally approve samples
  • Monitor and reduce carbon footprint
  • Have better informed business decisions based on insights from sustainability data
  • Monitor multi-tiered vendor compliance through the supply chain
  • Increase consumer confidence and brand loyalty
Speakers from DeSL, Higg, and Browzwear

DeSL delivers market leading digital transformation and sustainability solutions including integrated end-to-end PLM software for the retail, fashion, apparel, and footwear sectors. Offering a wide range of software solutions as critical tools for today’s progressive and forward thinking companies. Modular design provides flexibility and scalability to leverage digital technologies from SMB to enterprise level businesses.

Higg is an integrated technology platform providing sustainability insights, that helps brands measure and improve the sustainability of their supply chain – with a unique full value chain approach across carbon, water, energy, social, and labour impacts. Leveraging Higg’s APIs, DeSL PLM platform can offer social and environmental sustainability insights to product designers and developers from the beginning of the product development process.

Browzwear is a leading 3D technology platform for product design, development and merchandising, and plays a key part in a successful digital product lifecycle. Combining DeSL PLM and Browzwear 3D platforms, physical samples can become a thing of the past. With true-to-life digital imagery, brands are able to remove productivity barriers, increase product speed to market, accelerate growth and enhance sustainability.

Sustainability is no longer optional, and a brand’s mission is now just as important as its product.