3D Platform for Fashion: Open a new dimension

3D Shirt model for fashion PLMA key requirement for PLM software, and digital technology overall, is the ability to work with virtual products, samples and digital approvals. DeSL’s Digital Platform integrates interactive 3D modeling from any 3D software provider and extends into key PLM, procurement and sales business processes.

The 3D platform for fashion is an integral part of DeSL’s overall Digital Platform. It is designed specifically to enable fashion companies to take full advantage of the latest digital technology to change the way they operate today in order to drive growth and efficiency in existing and new markets.

The technology is so powerful that it can stream multiple 3D apparel models simultaneously to enable users to have side-by-side visualization of their virtual products and provide a rich and compelling interactive experience.

Enable Users to


Quickly prototype product changes such as different colors and materials

3D Collections

Present compelling 3D collections to prospective customers over the Internet and take sales orders and feedback

Approvals & Rejections

Perform product approvals/rejections with the ability to annotate models and relay to vendors in real time

Product Reviews

Host real-time, interactive product reviews with multiple users from all over the globe simultaneously

Drag & Drop

Drag and drop 3D product models to quickly create lines and collections

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Compatibility with 3d tools

Optitex 3D Digital Solution for Fashion

Browzwear Fashion Design Software

CLO - 3D Fashion Design Software

Rhinoceros 3D

AutoCAD CAD Software

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DeSL’s 3D platform for fashion is changing the way fashion and apparel brands view and interact with collections. To learn more, request a demo with a DeSL representative.