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Visual Merchandising

DeSL’s Visual Line List for apparel, footwear and fashion makes fact-based product-driven business planning a reality. Visually display your product range as you want, by slicing and dicing your product range to spot gaps instantly from the early planning stage to the final development of the product.


So how does it work?

DeSL’s Line Planning tool allows you to manage seasons, collections, categories and even specific styles against planned performance targets and create top-down, bottom-up seasonal Line Plans.


You can then visualise the Line Plan through DeSL’s new Visual Line List module, allowing you to view and track the range as it matures from design concept to approved product. You can decide what information you want to view against the product - as this information gets updated, so does your visual.


Create multiple pages and views of your product range - view your range by colour, category, price point, market, main fabric material - it's up to you.

Gender x Main Fabric Material


Improve your decision making with greater visibility of key measures direct from the Line Plan. View planned versus actuals for product units, options, value and margin % for individual or groups of products.


Merchandise your selection - search drag and drop product across categories.



   Key Functionality


tick_icon.gif Create multipage, printable views of
your range linked to live PLM data
  tick_icon.gif Visually display the Line Plan including
placeholders, candidates and
adopted products
  tick_icon.gif View your product by colour, market,
price point, drop ... you decide
  tick_icon.gif Manage seasons, collections, categories
and styles against planned performance
targets all linked to the Line Plan
  tick_icon.gif Add images and notes to support
your data

   Business Benefits


  tick_icon.gif Visually gauge depth and width of range ensuring sufficient choice and range completeness
  tick_icon.gif Identify gaps or underperforming product
  tick_icon.gif Measure the effectiveness of your
ranges against the original budgets
and against plan


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