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Adobe Illustrator Plug-in

DeSL’s Adobe Illustrator Plug-in interfaces directly with PLM and enables Designers to launch new styles directly from Illustrator and make them immediately available in PLM
tech packs for further product development. Once linked, design changes are
automatically updated, dramatically speeding up the process and ensuring
consistency of communication across Design and Development.

So how does it work?

No change here, the Designer creates their designs within Adobe Illustrator.


Next they login and access a panel that allows them direct access to style information drop downs and PLM component libraries including colours, sizes, fabrics, trims and packaging from which they can create a BOM. Finally they select ‘Create Product’ which creates the Product record and tech pack.


With the new product created, Developers open the newly created tech pack in PLM and view all images and style information submitted by the Designer. But it doesn’t end there - the tech pack images are now linked to the Adobe Illustrator file so any changes made to the artwork are automatically updated in the Tech Pack. Also, changes made to the BOM in the tech pack by Development can be viewed by the designer in Illustrator.


All new products are automatically updated in the Line List and digital catalogue so administration tasks are kept to a minimum and at the same time ensuring one version of the truth across the range.

Line List





   Key Functionality


     tick_icon.gif Create tech packs in Adobe Illustrator (AI) 

     tick_icon.gif Direct access to PLM libraries

     tick_icon.gif Auto update tech pack images via AI 

     tick_icon.gif Update BOM from AI

     tick_icon.gif Create and maintain Story Boards

     tick_icon.gif Support for all Adobe Illustrator versions



   Business Benefits


     tick_icon.gif Reduced Design administration

     tick_icon.gif Reduced approval iterations

     tick_icon.gif Improved product hit ratios

     tick_icon.gif Up-to-date images in tech pack

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