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Calling all designers in the apparel and footwear industry...

We would like to introduce you to the DeSL Adobe Illustrator Integrator “plug in”, a new, proven and powerful tool. Don’t take our word for it, just listen to what current users are saying about this fantastic new addition to their design workspace. Quite simply, the Integrator “plug in” has been proven to reduce your design time by up to 20%!

This new application has been specifically developed to allow creative teams to perform all of their product management tasks without having to leave Illustrator, whilst also enabling users to request samples from nominated vendors, in real time, directly from their Adobe Illustrator workspace. The result of this means companies are able to significantly increase speed to market as the "plug-in" enables  designers to focus on being creative, removing all manual and non-design related tasks such as creating JPG’s and uploading these to folders and products.

The powerful business benefits of Adobe Illustrator Integrator:

  • Reduce the amount of time designers currently spend creating and managing images 
  • Remove the need to manually upload images to folders or email to vendors/internal teams 
  • Enable design staff to perform all their required product management tasks without leaving their Illustrator workspace 
  • Enable designers to remain creative by reducing their current manual tasks 
  • Reduce the time required to communicate new designs to vendors and internal teams 
  • Automatically manage change to products and notify across the entire supply chain 
  • Reduce the time required to create tech packs and deliver requirements to suppliers

What it can do for you:

  • Direct access to PLM libraries such as fabrics, trims and images
  • Create new products in PLM using user defined input and drop down lists
  • Automatically create and deploy images across products, sample requests and tech packs
  • Create tech packs from within Illustrator by importing from existing/reference styles
  • Update BOM’s, technical details and graded specs etc.
  • Create sample requests and automatically deliver the requirements to suppliers/vendors
  • Create and maintain Story/Mood Boards
  • Link Illustrator files to existing products and placeholder products
  • Supports Layers and Artboards
  • Also works with version CS6