DeSL’s Product Information Management (PIM) module, centrally manages product data by streaming consistent, accurate, and up-to-date information to multiple output medias.

Manages all product information

  • Product details
  • Images
  • Costs
  • Packaging
  • Translations
  • Marketing material

This information is developed, tracked, and approved through DeSL’s critical path workflow as the product and information matures through concept to launch.

DeSL’s image management system provides the ability to bulk upload and store all your product image assets in one central location. As the images are uploaded, the system automatically identifies the associated product record, creates a high-, medium-, and low-resolution image and appends any tags, all in one action. It can store website product shots, catalogue, and location shoot images, even video in all standard formats.

Fully configurable search functions provide the ability to quickly, and accurately, search and display results.