DeSL’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) is fully integrated into the Supplier Relationship Management module to deliver a complete end-to-end tool for managing suppliers and all procurement processes. SCM enables users to deploy real-time web-based work in a process management tool that encompasses all areas of the supply chain including suppliers, vendors, and mills.

Key features:

  • Effective planning, execution, and management of the entire procurement process
  • Purchase order management for finished products and raw materials
  • Manual PO creation or automatically generated from line plans and production plans
  • Critical path tracking for all aspects of the PO including logistics management
  • Workflow and quality management
  • Tracking at key date and quantity levels
  • Flexible pricing and landed cost management
  • Blanket and scheduled orders
  • Change management and version control
  • Collaborative production planning
  • Logistics integration
  • Container/shipment management
  • Landed and actual cost management
  • Extensive import/export of data
  • ASN, labels, logistics movements, third-party logistics, finance data