Change the way you merchandise and collaborate

Microsoft HoloLens’ groundbreaking technology mixes real-time 3D images with the real-world environment. This exciting innovation in augmented reality opens up new possibilities for the fashion industry sectors.

Build out an entire virtual store with HoloLens technology. View merchandise, change fixtures, and develop colour ways, all before committing to physical products or displays. DeSL’s HoloLens for fashion module extends PLM into the realms of 3D and augmented reality. Combining the strengths of 3D modeling solutions like Autodesk 3ds Max and SketchUp this modules brings any concept into augmented reality.

HoloLens for Fashion

DeSL’s easy-to-use HoloLens interface allows fashion brands around the globe to walk in a virtual store. For instance, view and collaborate on store layout decor and furnishings. Above all, virtual reality and augmented reality can help brands visualize their store displays while saving time and money.

Hololens 3D model for fashion industry

Hololens for Fashion

DeSL is a market leader in Digital Transformation solutions for the Fashion, Apparel, Textile, and Footwear sectors. To learn more about using Hololens for your brands store merchandising, request a demo with a DeSL representative.