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Whether you’re a company with many thousands of customers or a company with a relatively small customer base, DeSL’s Wholesale and Distribution solutions are perfect to enable you to manage your entire business from initial product design right through to cash collection and finance reporting.

DeSL_wholesale.jpgIncreasing cost pressures, reduction in margins, sector consolidation and increasing competition means that companies must distinguish themselves from the ‘rest’ and deliver an effective and affordable product along with the highest quality of service plus the ability to demonstrate true added value.

To deliver the levels of service required and the latest innovations in new product design and development companies must have an effective, scalable and ‘open business process’ IT infrastructure.

Collaboration with suppliers, customers, factories, transportation companies and service providers is essential to success and this can only be achieved with a true Service Orientated Systems Architecture.

DeSL can deliver effective solutions using the latest web based technology to address:

  • Your Entire Product Development, Design and Sampling Processes.
  • Multi-Channel Sales Including E-Commerce, Telesales & Field Sales Teams.
  • Warehouse and Inventory Optimization.
  • Contract and Quotations Management.
  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • Sales Campaigns.
  • Customer ‘Self-Service’.
  • Supplier Relationship Management including Audits and Compliance.
  • Collaborative Purchase Planning.
  • Sales Planning.
  • Purchase Order Tracking.
  • Direct Deliveries.





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