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Today’s retailers face an array of challenges which must be addressed - including margin pressures, increased competition, the need to refresh ranges frequently and more informed customer to name but a few.

DeSL_Retail.jpgCombine these challenges with the need to manage a global supply chain, get new products right first time and ensure that suppliers are trading ethically and as ‘carbon neutral’ as possible means that virtually every decision can have an effect on business performance.

So how can DeSL enable you to attract new customers, retain existing customers and maintain or grow key business performance indicators?

In essence, we can deliver a flexible IT environment which can be adapted to suit your specific needs addressing the key processes which are important to you. Our unique Service Orientated Architecture means that business processes and software processes can be merged both inside and outside your organisation.

If you need to address any of the following processes then we can help you quickly and affordably:

  •      Critical Path Management For Samples, Developments and Deliveries.
  •      Approvals and Quality Management.
  •      Supplier Collaboration For All Your Product Development, Planning and Procurement.
  •      Cost Control For All Aspects Of Your Purchasing.
  •      Procurement Planning and Execution.
  •      Full Product Lifecycle Management.
  •      Supplier Relationship Management Including Audits and Compliance.
  •      Retail Store Management and Customisable ‘Till Experiences’.
  •      Customer Relationship Management.
  •      Warehouse and Store Inventory Management.
  •      Demand Planning.
  •      Multi Channel Selling.
  •      E-Commerce.





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