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If you are under pressure to constantly deliver new products on time, respond quickly to customer demand and accurately control costs at all levels then DeSL’s range of manufacturing solutions is the answer. Totally integrated with your other operations, DeSL’s manufacturing software delivers a complete end to end design, development, sales, procurement and production IT infrastructure.

DeSL_Manufacturing.jpgNot only is it vital to effectively plan, execute and manage production, today’s manufacturing companies must also take account of environmental and health and safety requirements in addition to reacting swiftly and effectively to short notice of changes to customer demand.

Add this to the key requirements such as materials must be utilised efficiently, human resources must be managed and machinery run to its optimum potential means that running factories either remotely or locally is more difficult than ever.

To handle the needs of volume production or short runs of different products with multiple variants, systems must deliver:

  • Optimal Planning and Execution Of Manufacturing.
  • Real Time Or Batch Update Of Manufacturing Progress Using Bar Coding and RFID.
  • Full Quality Management and Accountability.
  • Tracking Of Planned Verses Actual Costs Highlighting Variances and Trends.
  • Analysis Of Productivity For Human and Machine Resources.
  • Collaboration With Suppliers and Partners.
  • Product Testing and Approvals Management.
  • Effective Purchasing Control.
  • Optimisation Of Inventory.
  • Easy Connectivity To 3rd Party Systems Via Web Services.





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