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Visual Planning 

If you want to succeed you've got to plan.

This revolutionary type of planning and execution is available now. It's no longer a pipedream and it's only possible by using DeSL’s latest and greatest new module.

Using our software you will now be able to orchestrate and unify all your relevant disciplines in order to come up with the best possible merchandise and assortment plan, then track and manage the development of the range through concept to delivery.

Here’s a summary of what you can do:

Create and manage sales, revenue and margin forecasts over multiple channels.

Produce line/collection plans based on your forecasts bringing into play previous season's styles, core styles, carry overs, market trends and analysis – integrated with your story boards and core brand values.

Use and re-use your digital assets, previous materials/trims, bodies, silhouettes in order to brief your design and development teams of their goals and objectives.

Track and manage the development process for your styles, fabrics and trims.

Capture all your costs irrespective of the number of potential suppliers and procurement methods.

At any stage in process review everything from a single screen with all your teams and even your vendors, regardless of where they are. Our software is 100% web based so this type of detailed, real time collaboration is a natural deliverable.

When we say review everything that is exactly what we mean! For example, for the products developed so far:

Is my colour mix on theme?

• Are my price points as planned?

• Which candidates should I adopt to fill my available slots?

• Am I hitting my revenue and margin targets?

• Have I balanced my sourcing risk across geographies and vendors?

• I know my vendors can access the data and see what I’m planning and I’ve been able to check
  their capacities on-line – but I would want them to confirm the plans before I create the PO’s.

• Are my suggested vendors the right ones to work with? What are their KPI’s?

• What if I want to try different fabric on a number of styles, has the fabric been developed before,
  if not, where is it on its development cycle – will we make it on time and what would be the effect
  on my margins?

• The design details come directly over from Illustrator with the press of a single button, can my
  design teams react quickly enough to my suggested changes?

This module is available now, so please let us know if you would like some more information.

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