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Critical Paths and Workflow

DeSL’s Critical Path Management software encourages managers to plan ahead, properly allocate resources, and continuously monitor the timeline and schedule. This creates efficiency, improves productivity, reduces uncertainty and improves the likelihood that deadlines will be met.

So how does it work?

Tightly integrated with the rest of the system, Critical Path Management is a collaborative workflow tool used to automate your business process by defining key tasks and dependencies, assigning user responsibility and identifying timeframes. CPM is used for workflow management throughout the entire lifecycle of the style from preliminary design to finished good through the entire pre-production development process.

The critical path activities are 100% user defined and can be setup to match your development requirements exactly, covering all product types such as finished products, fabrics, raw materials and trims.

We totally integrate your development process by having the ability to combine development plans at all levels. For example Seasonal/Collection /Drop plans with their associated styles/colours and their required components. Common issues like fabrics being late and what effect that will have will be highlighted by the system along with the ability to select alternatives. The planning and scheduling can be performed at whatever level you require, for example colour level, drop level, overall collection.

We also take holidays and working days into consideration when calculating the critical path. All non working time is stored in our calendar system, for example, Chinese New Year, Buying Trips, Fashion Shows and individual holidays are stored to ensure that activities are not scheduled to happen on dates when resource is not available.

The solution also comes with a ‘predictive engine’ which will enable you to see potential issues before they become real problems.


   Key Functionality


  tick_icon.gif Define key tasks and dependencies

tick_icon.gif Assign user responsibility and identify timeframes
  tick_icon.gif Multiple critical path templates
  tick_icon.gif Forward/backward scheduling
  tick_icon.gif Date prediction analysis.
  tick_icon.gif Automatic emails and escalation

Critical paths by range, product, product colour, sample request, purchase orders

  tick_icon.gif Exception management

   Business Benefits


  tick_icon.gif Increase visibility of key milestones and action items
  tick_icon.gif Identify under performing products with exception-based reporting capabilities
  tick_icon.gif Ensure on-time completion of tasks
  tick_icon.gif Boost internal collaboration between departments

Reduce potential delays and costs

associated with the supply chain

  tick_icon.gif Improve employee accountability and performance with key task identifiers


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