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Assortment Planning

How can you ensure that your top down merchandise plan and low level assortment plans match?

With DeSL, its easy – the plans always match because we’re working off the same single data set!

Our Line Planning module enables you to set your plans at any level and using any set of indices. You can set your own planning hierarchy, for example Season/Division/Category/ Sub category and then indices such as planned quantities, planned retail, planned cost, IMU% etc. These can be further set across different geographies/regions and channels.


In summary, you can define what you want to plan, how you want to plan in order to come up with your corporate Financial and Operational plans.

Once the plan is agreed and released then the real work happens. Products are designed and developed, costs are negotiated, quality is managed, time-lines and deliveries are agreed.

The process of selecting candidate styles, carry over or core styles, along with the appropriate colour mix and then checking back to ensure that the planned indices are being achieved can be a laborious one and open to error if the process is managed by spreadsheets. 

With DeSL’s range of available tools you can have real time, collaborative range reviews and assortment planning where everyone involved can participate – all looking at the single view of key data. Questions like:

  • Do we have the required colour mix globally and locally across our different channels?
  • What happens if we choose Candidate A instead of Candidate B – how will it effect our planned margins, colour mix, category plans and delivery drops?
  • What if we tried Style A in short sleeve instead of long sleeve?
  • I want to see the assortment by so many different criteria – how can we easily do this without spending hour upon hour?
  • We’re agreeing lots of actions to take – who is writing up the To Do list and how will we monitor progress?


The simple answer is that DeSL’s solutions will do this for you in both a highly visual manner and in a numerical analysis manner.

  • Drag and drop products and colours into specific user defined views.
  • Views can be at whatever level you wish ,eg Drop, Channel, Price Architecture, Category etc.
  • For each view automatically calculate planned, projected and actual key indices such as costs, margins and quantities etc.
  • Automatic comparison to merchandise plans to ensure that objectives are being achieved.
  • View the assortment at any user defined level ,eg Colour Mix, Price Architecture, Drop, Gender, Category etc – there is no limit to the many ways you can review your assortment – and remember, we can always check back and compare to the initial plans with the touch of the button!
  • Ability to add comments to styles.
  • Ability to assign actions to products.
  • Internal ‘voting’ on the best products.

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