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Change the way Design and Merchandising work! 

You can probably relate to the frustration of having to rely on your Design team to carry out simple edits to your product line such as re-colouring, changing materials, or updating patterns and artwork. You are likely familiar with mundane data entry tasks which take your Design teams away from more productive, creative endeavours.

Do your Design and Merchandising teams work in silos? Are you tired of having meetings only to recap and capture requirements of previous meetings? At prototype review, are all the comments successfully captured, and did everyone interpret the requirements in the same way? Have you ever heard a colleague say “That’s not the change that I heard...”?

DeSL’s new Web Merchandising module provides the ability to import 2D/3D generated product directly into PLM, then use the PLM colour, artwork, and material libraries to create, update, and merchandise the new colour/material options. This is all via the web, in real time, without needing to open another design tool just to push those changes through to PLM.

Traditional prototype review meetings are replaced by dynamic, interactive, and collaborative sessions where changes made can be seen instantly.  


Here’s a summary of what you can do: 


• Import creative artwork from industry standard 2D design packages including
  Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and CorelDraw.

• Import creative artwork from industry standard 3D design packages including Optitex, Rhino,
  SolidWorks and Autodesk 3ds Max. 


• Open, review, and rotate 3D generated product in the web.

• Use the PLM colour, artwork, and material libraries to create, update, and merchandise new
  colour/material options to instantly visualize potential merchandising scenarios.

• Create assortments in the web, without having to enlist the help of a Designer or a user who has
  2D/3D design applications installed on their computer.

• Annotate change requirements to individual design components or an assortment as a whole.

• Track all edits, notes, and revisions to provide visibility to the evolution of the product, while
  ensuring all work is being done as requested.

• Instantly visualize and align on product assortment and colour merchandising scenarios,
  without having to later re-group once the updates have been completed.

• Swap colour and artwork assortments between styles to see if it’s the right fit before asking
  your vendor for samples.


• Create a collaborative eco-system and streamline communication by integrating Design,
  Product Development, and Merchandising.

• Provide a single universal platform which gives each department web based tools previously
  only found in Adobe and Excel, to eliminate duplicative data entry from one system to another.

• Automatically update and share any changes to the product, assortment, and Bill of Materials
  (BOM) through the PLM portal.

• All updates are communicated directly to the vendor and 3D visualization tools help provide a
  frame of reference for the desired output. All the product information (pattern file, artwork,
  colour and material, etc.) is compiled automatically in the tech pack to streamline
  communication cross  functionally for internal and external partners.

  Business Benefits




Provide ability to simply change product colours and materials by anyone, not just designine planning



Reduce licence costs of expensive design software



Crystallise comments and decisions within PLM



Reduce repetitive non-creative tasks by the designer role



Reduce interpretation of requirements





Improve collaborative communication





Provide a holistic view of the assortment




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